back to article CompSci boffins offer new bug-rating system to get you home on time

If you're in charge of a couple of thousand boxen, you can't patch every vulnerability report at once, so sysadmins will welcome help sorting out their priorities. That's what a couple of researchers hope to offer in what they call NCVS, the Non-Intrusive and Context-Based Vulnerability Scoring framework: making sense of the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bit arbitrary

    Not sure why they're bothering - there be analytics out there that do this already, Precision Genie is one that springs to mind (and that looks like it has more objective scoring than the 'boffins' stuff!)...

  2. jlkinsella

    Patching compromised systems???

    The idea of a weighted scoring system makes a ton of sense, but trying to patch a compromised system is a bunch of fail. Good luck enumerating the ways the system was molested before putting it back into prod.

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