back to article Microsoft still working to fix Outlook sync issues

Outlook users are still struggling to get their email clients to synchronise with Microsoft's servers. The outage, which may now be in its sixth day, has left users confused and annoyed, as they have themselves complained on sites such as Down Detector and Down Today. A Microsoft spokesperson told The Register: "Some …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Has El Reg finally soured its relationship with Redmond

    The Register has asked Microsoft what the cause of the sync issues was and will update this article if we receive a response.

    Those words are normally reserved for getting comments from Apple. We all know that Cupertino does not respond except to say 'Niet', 'Non', 'Nien' etc.

    Is MS doing the same now?

    It would be nice to know if this site is in the doghouse with two big Tech/IT companies.

    A real case of living up to 'Biting the hand that feeds IT'.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Has El Reg finally soured its relationship with Redmond

      Chip on your shoulder?

    2. beavershoes

      Re: Has El Reg finally soured its relationship with Redmond

      Dude, Outlook is down. W can not get our email. Our businesses are hurting. Microsoft is at fault. Or you can say that we are at fault for choosing Microsoft. Get off that bar stool and understand that we can not just drink our Outlook problems away. FYI our iPhones are working just fine.

      1. ParasiteParty

        Re: Has El Reg finally soured its relationship with Redmond

        "Or you can say that we are at fault for choosing Microsoft."

        Yes, that's it. When you go cloud hosted you are subcontracting your responsibility to a third party. We are cloud hosted on an Exchange platform but NOT one that is operated by Microsoft. To my mind the worst place you can have your Exchange mailboxes are Microsoft.

    3. katrinab Silver badge

      Re: Has El Reg finally soured its relationship with Redmond

      El Reg sent the query by email, but as the article reports, their email isn't working at the moment, so they won't have had a chance to read it.

  2. hplasm

    Has El Reg finally soured its relationship with Redmond?

    Or has MS yet to sync its Outlook mail?

  3. Alister

    As I posted on the previous story about this, I was able to make Thunderbird work with my Hotmail account by setting up an alias on the account using the domain, and logging in with that email address.

    The error thrown when trying to connect to my account was Error="AuthFailed:LogonDenied-FederatedStsUnreachable

    which suggests that the Federated Trust between the domain and other domains like had failed.

    1. Lee D Silver badge


      So all those IT issues that are common to random sysadmins hit cloud services just as much, but with impacts for millions of customers rather than just a few dozen.

      Glad to see that the change management at Microsoft is just as effective...

  4. Lee D Silver badge

    Cloud service provider.

    Say no more.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Say no more"

      Well I will say something: I actually like my account. A lot. I am personally not experiencing this sync issue. In fact since they migrated the service across from Hotmail / servers to the Office 365 framework then I've got better reliability and almost the same service and functions as my company OWA account, free of charge as well. In fact I'd be happy to pay for it, and it's better than the Gmail and Apps crap I've been using for ages for one of my other activities.

      1. Lee D Silver badge

        I paid for Hotmail.

        I paid for Opera (back in the day).

        I paid for WinZIP.

        I pay for any service I deem good.

        When Hotmail went to Outlook, I stopped paying and threw it away. GMail was the answer, combined with my own server to manage email. Email actually comes to my GMail and my personal account at the same time. Downtime in the last 10 years? Zero, except scheduled reboots for kernel upgrades.

        Yet, my workplaces (one of which was entirely Google Apps, another on-site Exchange AND Google) get downtime all the time. Literally, today, Google Drive threw a wobbly for a long time.

        Cloud providers are third-parties. There's nothing wrong with remote servers. There's nothing wrong with hosting multiple servers in disparate geographic locations. There's nothing wrong with having virtualised servers or containers running on other's hardware.

        But RELYING on them to always be up - as in this instance - is a nonsense. Deploy Outlook in-house AND in the cloud. And then at very least you can send / receive internal email and use your backup mail servers to send/receive email if you need to.

        But putting your eggs into the hands of Microsoft, Google, Amazon or any other single entity to which you represent 0.00000000001% of their annual income is a stupid idea.

        Oh, and for four years you couldn't log into Hotmail with a standards-compliant browser (Opera) when it was in its prime of development and had full support for all relevant standards. And the downtime on Hotmail once hit 20 days in one year. And I've seen Google downtimes in the days-per-year category too.

        With those kinds of numbers, you're an idiot to rely on cloud alone without your backup MX / database replica being held in-house too. Because, you know what, my last workplace got 99.99% uptime. And we weren't even trying.

    2. BlartVersenwaldIII

      > Cloud service provider.


      > Say no more.

      I prefer:

      Cloud service provider. Pick any two.

  5. Hans 1


    Am I the only BB10 user that needs to rename the account to get the f*er to reconnect properly ? Every other week, BB10 reports ([f] has stopped responding), simply renaming to name[i], where [i] is an integer, works. As in, it refuses to honor the BB10 keep-alive.

    B@stards cannot be trusted ... I am sure this is "as MS designed it". I am sure I could reboot the phone also, which I never do ... I'm never run out of battery ...

    This started happening about a month ago ... and I have NOT updated BB10 since ....

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Its at least nice to know that even Microsoft can't get Exchange to work properly.

    1. Paul IT

      Fixed Hotmail on Outlook 2013

      Yesterday, I was helping a lady where Outlook 2013 had EAS connections to two Hotmail accounts. One of the Hotmail accounts was connecting and syncing and the other could not.

      Could not explain or understand the issue at all.

      So created an alias in for the faulty EAS Hotmail account and created a new Outlook user profile and able to sync Hotmail using exchange account using the new alias email address. Added the other Hotmail account, which also used and both started working again.

      The lady received an email from Microsoft last week about recreating a new Outlook email profile because of Office365 reconfiguration of Hotmail but I wasn't expecting it to break it so soon.

  7. davidp231

    Now if only they can fix the horrific interface...

  8. TaabuTheCat

    New SLA Needed - TTR (Time to Remediate)

    One of the interesting things I notice watching the O365 "Health" status is just how long it takes Microsoft to fully remediate an issue. You'll see an issue get opened and normally diagnosed quickly (within hours, sometimes a day), and then a patch developed for what's normally a regression caused by some other work that's been done. And then you wait. And I mean wait. I've seen many issues take WEEKS to get fully deployed. MS dutifully keeps you notified of progress (X% complete, day after day), but if your account happens to be at the end of that repair chain you are waiting a REALLY long time to get your service restored.

    It's one of the interesting things about cloud services I don't hear many people talk about, and that's the time it takes to repair a massive amount of infrastructure even when know how and have a fix available. I expect this to only get worse as the cloud continues to grow.

  9. Diginerd

    Azure... Aptly named

    Blue sky & no cloud!

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: Azure... Aptly named

      It was right in front of us the whole time.

      Good catch!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Azure... Aptly named

        Some serious out of the box blue sky thinking happened here.

        Have +1 to your commentard KPI.

        We'll discuss a possible reward at your next performance catch up.

  10. David 45

    Log-in problems

    My "" address was OK using Thunderbird, both incoming and outgoing, but my "" address wouldn't accept log-in details from Thunderbird yesterday, giving an error, although (strangely enough) it was fine when I went to the web page. Just had an update for Thunderbird come through. Coincidence, or connected with the mail problem? Either way, the "" address seems to be working OK again.

  11. Edgar Scrutton

    I use several OS's: Os/2Warp, eComStation, Windows 7, and Ubutu.

    Mozilla Thunderbird or SeaMonkey are my favorite email clients

    My Hotmail has been a challenge this past several days. I found a solution .. at least on a W7 machine (Ubuntu, OS/2 and other W7) machines would work, was to make sure the TLS 1.0 was enabled.

    I wonder if some 'upgrades' turn this off going to a higher level for security or not. Anyway this worked for me here on this combination of software.

  12. razorfishsl

    in the last 3 months 365 has barely been working for more than a couple of days, without some sort of "impact"

    lets not even get into the fact that now "skype" accounts are being locked out, if they happen to be using an email address that 365 is running under & controlling.

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