back to article Trump may stump Australian techies heading for the US

In January 2016, the United States changed the rules of the E-3 visa to make it easier for skilled Australians working in the USA to stay there for longer. And yesterday President-elect Donald Trump announced he would “direct the Department of Labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the American worker …

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  2. elDog

    Umph! The (P)Rump will bump possible humps when Trump gains

    We finally have a purely pragmatic and personally oriented PiP (President-In-Profit).

    If you be Aussie/Ozzie/Whitey - you probably be good-to-go. No matter if your background includes various shades of mayhem, spousal abuse, twitchy arms rising to a heil position.

    If you be others; lower your heads, eyes; keep your eyes at your sides; and lean to say yes'm, no'sir with nary a slight tone of disrespect evidenced.

  3. Oengus

    No undercutting here

    With what I have seen of US salaries, It is highly unlikely that any Aussie going to the US will be undercutting the salaries of their US based equivalent...

  4. noh1bvisas

    Americans First

    Trump ran, and was elected, on the "America first" platform. Nobody should be surprised.

    How easy is it for an American to get a work visa for AUS?

    1. Pompous Git Silver badge

      Re: Americans First

      How easy is it for an American to get a work visa for AUS?
      Dunno about these days, but my best mate had to renounce his US citizenship in order to gain employment as a teacher in the early 70s.

    2. Phil.T.Tipp

      Re: Americans First

      Bingo, have an upvote. You're on the money sunshine - but this flaccid little clickbaity article is the usual hyperbolic crybaby pish.

      1. veti Silver badge

        Re: Americans First

        Believe it or not - personally I find it hard to credit, but different strokes - some Australians want to work in America. Others have friends or relatives who may be one of those.

        Those people will be following this story with interest. Nobody expressed "surprise" or even indignation. There's no crying going on here. Just - what was the word? - oh yes, "reporting". If you've been in the US for the last couple of years, you may not remember what that looks like.

        If you're not in one of those categories, I don't know why you clicked on this bait at all.

  5. veti Silver badge

    "... when they do not serve American interests"

    Now there's a phrase coined by a lying weasel.

    Newsflash, the visas wouldn't exist in the first place if they didn't "serve American interests". The question is, which American interests? Because the management and shareholders and customers of the companies who benefit from these lower prices - they're Americans too.

    So, which specific group of Americans will Trump tell the gov't to bestow its patronage upon?

    Trump understands all about patronage. Just look at his TV show.

  6. AussieTerror
    IT Angle

    Trumps loss

    Aussies do 'IT' better.

  7. Adrian Tawse

    A dangerous strategy

    As the car industry has very painfully learned jobs can move easily, possibly more easily than people.

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