back to article Free 'cyber hugs' for all is the plan at New Zealand's first CERT

Kiwi security incident responders are gearing up to go live with New Zealand's first computer emergency response team (CERT) next March. And in a change of tack for CERTs, New Zealand's will help all businesses, not just the top end of town. Declan Ingram, a heavy lifter with CERT NZ says it will help small businesses all the …

  1. M7S

    Seems sensible

    Perhaps HMG (UK) might try to learn a thing or two from the various colonies (present, ex, whatever) about responding to the needs of citizens/residents/businesses.

    I'm not, currently, hopeful.

  2. Omar Smith

    Declan Ingram image ..

    He's not actually wearing a ponytail is he?

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