back to article Fancy a wee quasi-DRAM? Supermicro bulks up server memory

Data is getting closer to compute – Supermicro's X10DRU-i+ dual-socket server is available with 1TB or 2TB of application memory for analytics, database, and caching apps by being equipped with Diablo's Memory1 flash DIMM modules, and up to a 4x memory increase from DRAM-only servers. The flash is treated as quasi-DRAM with …

  1. Jon Massey

    Read more carefully, Chris

    1028U-TR4T+ is the server, X10DRU-i+ is just the board. It's also not a Fat-Twin server as those are the 2/4/8-node in 4U boxes

  2. Nate Amsden


    I know these don't use the fancy flash but I was just curious what a typical HP DL360 Gen9 (1U) can do, and HP says can go up to 3TB/server with 128GB DIMMs.

    They can do NVDIMM too, though 128GB max ?

    So other than cheaper what is special about this supermicro thing

    1. HighTension

      Re: 2TB?

      Supermicro boxes are generally:

      a) cheap

      b) rock solid reliability. I've only had one or two server failures in about 10 years where I've had to invoke RMA or warranty.

      c) free IPMI with all features included, eg KVM and remote media

      d) easily available with practically any combination of drives, backplanes, PSUs, and other accessories. I've got a couple of 1U boxes that even have 3 PCIe x16 slots available. Getting even vaguely custom builds out of HP has been way harder for us as an SMB. With SM vendors, no problem.

      e) lots of warranty options

      f) OEM front panel/bezel service available.

      I think these are the reason that HCIA vendors' products seem to be largely based on OEM's SM boxes.

      I am not affiliated with Supermicro in any way, just a very happy customer.


  3. Ru'

    Can someone explain the 5 fans to me? I'm sure I can identify 8 (or 16), but 5?...

    1. Howard Long


      Some of them are spacers with no fan function but look like fans. In fact if it's like the 1U Supermicro chassis I'm familiar with, each of those fans are actually two fans, resilience don't you know.

    2. Jon Massey

      If you look at the PR piece Chris has regurgitated - - you'll see the blanks

      1. Ru'

        You're right; on the second page there's 5, but on the first page (regurgitation didn't even bother getting away from that) it clearly shows more??

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