back to article Has Linux got OpenStack licked? The Vanilla 'Plus' strategy

No man is an island, nor is OpenStack removed from the fates of two of its – until recently – best-known names. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise was once the largest single contributor to OpenStack. Now, HPE is getting rid of its OpenStack engineers as it turns over responsibility for its OpenStack work to MicroFocus under a deal …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Canonical's JuJu charms...

    OK, here I'm totally lost. Can somebody enlighten us about all this mumble jumble ?

    1. AdamWill

      Re: Canonical's JuJu charms...

      unless it's your job, you *really* don't want to know.

    2. Mellipop

      Re: Canonical's JuJu charms...

      Juju is canonical's orchestration software. It used to be called pipes because it was like plumbing; connecting outputs of some software to inputs of other software. Great for setting up systems with lots of nodes.

      A good overview of what's happening with the various As a Service offers is an article about microservices.

      Microservices breaks apps down into small chunks. Sometimes less than 100 lines of code. Almost to a single function, and that's the killer for cloud deployments; the I/O overhead becomes significant.


    Canonical's Juju chams

    Most people, especially in front of an edifice like OpenStack, really don't have very much to say. But, they still want to "expand and enhance" it. Shuttleworth, unfortunately, has never had much to say about anything that matters. Causes lots of trouble, though.

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