back to article Facebook Telecom Infrastructure Project starts chucking rocks at mobile model

Nine months after announcing its Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), Facebook has held its first summit and unveiled new partners and a first concrete project, a white box transponder/router for fibre backhaul, called Voyager. This is an indication, if any were needed, that the social media giant was not just tub-thumping …

  1. Mage Silver badge
    Big Brother


    A social Media company thinks they can do infrastructure better than Ericsson, Nokia Networks, HuiWei, etc. And cheap boxes "better" than Arris, Thomson, Cisco, Juniper, D-Link, half of China etc etc.

    Why would I trust them to:

    a) Get it right

    b) Not be interfering / monitoring

    c) Not lose interest like Google.

    They are a parasitical "social exploitation" advert selling company.

  2. thomn8r

    I can't even imagine the comedy of standing up in front of management and trying to explain why I wanted to buy Facebook networking equipment.

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