back to article Hadoop experiencing growing pains in lamestream businesses

Fast, unbridled growth has hurt adoption of Hadoop, according to a leading advocate of the technology. John Mertic, director of program management at ODPi, said that work on Hadoop was often relegated to a "skunkworks" project in many mainstream organisations. "It's effectively stuck," he said during a keynote presentation at …

  1. MotionCompensation

    Translation please

    If adopted, the technology offers an organisation the ability to make full use of the data at its disposal to improve both pre-sales and post-sales performance by making organisations more agile and data-driven, an approach that suits firms in industries ranging from banking to retail and beyond."

    I come to this site to avoid this type of language. Can someone explain this sentence to me?

    1. Mark 110

      Re: Translation please

      Marketing speak.

      In my experience enterprises don't really know what data they have or what they could do wiith it if they had the right tools. Hadoop is just a toolset that would let them do something with the data if they knew what they had or what they wanted to do with it.

      Reminds me of the old thing learnt on a course around:

      Data > Information > Knowledge > Wisdom (

      So, I think what that sentence meant was, if an organisation understands the data at its disposal and has a toolset to turn the data iinto Wisdom it can then make good decisions around:

      - Presales - what should we sell, who to and at what price?

      - Postsales - did we sell well, make a profit, what should we do better next time?

      1. MotionCompensation

        Re: Translation please

        I think you need brains to form wisdom, no tool will do that for you.

      2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

        Re: Translation please

        Data > Information > Knowledge > Wisdom (

        This is of course bullshit as this alignment-that-is-pleasing-to-the-eye-but-devoid-of-meaning relies on deformed and pared down interpretations of the words, and the illusion that there is some sort of progression from left to right. It should go back to the marketing sewer from where it came.

        Here's a better kickoff point: Towards a Theory of Information - Information: Mystical Fluid or a Subject of Scientific Enquiry? (R.K. Stamper)

        Also... Who the Feck actually needs Hadoop except startups trying to marketize it and HPC shops?

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