back to article GSMA: 5G at risk if governments don't get their acts together

The mobile industry's global lobby, the GSMA, is starting to worry about fragmentation in the 5G market – even before there is one. There are already hints at disunity in the spectrum market, with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) yet to settle regional arguments about spectrum, while vendors and carriers run …

  1. highdiver_2000

    Nothing new

    What is a standard without someone to ruin the show?

  2. ssh_proxy

    government's ????

    government's ????

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge
    Big Brother

    What else is new ?

    So, speeds won't be as promised and roaming could be compromised if governments don't play nice.

    Why would governments play nice ? Communication means surveillance these days, and each country has made its own choices for that. It would be astonishing that every country would decide on the same surveillance hardware, so I suppose that there are at least two incompatible types in service.

    I would be even more surprised if any country would be willing to change that hardware in order to "play nice".

    So I am fully expecting governments to churn out lengthy explanations as to why The People would prefer one choice of roaming options over another, when The People would certainly prefer that It Just Works and couldn't care less about why.

    Wait and see, I guess.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I know I am going to be shouted down but just how does all this faffing about improve a phone call?

    Yes, I know all about data but who in their right mind uses a smart phone to do any serious data usage unless it is tethered to a laptop, the phone screens are just too small (especially as one gets older and your eyesight deteriorates).

    Maybe they would be better employed seeing mobile coverage is extended to those areas where it is almost non existant.

    1. Graham Cobb Silver badge

      5G isn't really about consumers or mobile phones. It certainly isn't about phone calls (nothing since 2G has really been about making those better, although 3G and 4G have made voice cheaper/more efficient for operators to carry, arguably contributing to the massive drop in price for calls).

      It is much more about other uses of mobile data. That includes machine communications (everything from very low power remote sensing to high speed, low latency remote control) and business uses (e.g. remote access to business applications by travelling sales people). The only real consumer driver of 5G may be VR gaming (while on a train, for example).

      Although we can expect that once higher speeds and (very importantly) lower latencies are available then apps will be developed to use it. But it will take more imagination than I have!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Ah, faster, bigger botnets then!

  5. gudguy1a

    Yes, agree. Screens are too small to do any serious reading on (ESPECIALLY for older eyes), for long periods of time and that involves a lot of moving the screen around.

    And if anyone suggests getting a phablet, that is out the window. Some of us want a phone and to do serious reading, we get a 10" tablet (or fire up a laptop, notebook, etc.).

    In my case, I would really...... reallyyyyyy.... love to have a 5G phone so I can watch videos (not games but useful ones such as for NFV, SDN, AWS re:Invent, Azure, Splunk, TED Talks, and on). And I download a lot of WPs and sometimes I'm in a hurry, so, I want them faster. Waiting to get home on a larger/faster form factor is not the point.

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