back to article Outage-prone Plusnet goes mobile in a bid to become 'quad-play' biz

Outage-prone Plusnet is bringing its service to mobile phones, making use of parent company BT's EE network gobble earlier this year. As of 29 November, Plusnet Mobile will become the newest mobile provider in Blighty, the company said in a statement. The biz is joining forces with mobile network LIFE Mobile, part of the EE …

  1. SImon Hobson Silver badge

    Will it do IPv6 ?

    Given that they are very quiet on the IPv6 front - other than announcing that they are shutting down the only gateways that supported it for a trial - one has to wonder whether this will be a 20th century network ? Someone should tell them that the 21st Century started nearly 16 years ago !

    I've been with them for some time, since my local exchange got ADSL and they had the best deal (and a fixed IP option). This (lack of IPv6) could be the final straw for me.

    Even their parent BT, and Sky, both offer IPv6 as standard now.

  2. nedge2k

    Have to say, been with Plusnet for 6 years now and rarely had an issue with them.

  3. anywherething

    Plusnet can't even manage their bog standard webmail service these days.

    1. Craig 2

      "Plusnet can't even manage their bog standard webmail service these days."

      Who cares? Nobody should be using ISP hosted mail anyway!

      1. McDragon

        I would agree. Using an ISP services for email and or website hosting is a bad idea as it ties you in to much. Plus, a lot of times they do not put to much attention on these services as they are more of an addon. Also they can change th underlying provider as they wish.

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