back to article Kaminario's Dani Golan reaches for the sky

Profile Dani Golan stands on the roof of his Israeli headquarters and points out features of the scenery: an 8,000 year-old ruin here, an ancient trade route there, a modern highway alongside the building, a sign to Nazareth, and fighter jets taking off from a nearby airforce base with thunderous, sky-filling roars. Dani is …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Flash sounds fine for large databases

    That don't change.

    Beyond that it's all about how frequently that data changes.

    And can you detect a new data write had not changed the data and the data needs to be moved to a new part of the array?

    Or do you just throw the array away?

  2. Field Commander A9

    An Israel company with a Japenese name?

    What's the take?

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