back to article Nvidia's financials have great numbers. Yuge numbers. The best numbers, believe me

Nvidia continued its run of solid financials Thursday by turning in a $2bn quarter. The graphics chip designer said the quarter, its fiscal year 2017 Q3, saw record revenues and earnings per share. Revenues of $2bn were up 53 per cent from $1.3bn in the year-ago quarter. Net income of $542m was up 108 per cent from $246m …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Despite historically being an AMD fan, I have to admit team green have been doing great things recently. I splurged on a shield TV and a shield K1 tablet a while back, and they are very nice pieces of kit. It's a pity that many software providers are ignoring the android TV platform (Amazon, I'm looking at you), but the shield TV does what it can do (Netflix, Kodi, games) extremely well.

    The K1 tablet is also excellent, especially if you want a gaming-centric device. I wish nVidia would release a successfor for it, as I'd happily buy another, but sadly I don't think that's likely.

    My next graphics card purchase will also be nVidia, to take advantage of the LAN streaming options to the two shield devices. Right now I can't see a reason for going back to AMD, though I hope they do come up with something.

    1. Halfmad

      AMD's Raptr software put me off, I switched back to Nvidia after a couple of years on them. Shadowplay is vastly better, not perfect but better and driver updates tend to be better.

      I'd still rather be on AMD though, even if it's purely from the perspective of us needing to keep competition in the game.

    2. Known Hero

      I tried shield streaming .... I was not impressed. before you go and splurge out for another card go check on youtube and look for compatibility with your games.

      Its basically a remote desktop done badly for what I used.

      I am finding after years and years of only having Nvidia cards, I am propbably going to make my next purchase a AMD card .... Got fed up of being screwed over by driver updates :( on a 660Ti 3GB and my frames have dropped from solid 60 to average of 40 with spikes as far down as 25 :( same game no changes except drivers (needed to update them to play another game)

  2. ColonelClaw

    Well, I'm no expert on data centre products, I'm a CGI artist, and I game quite a lot at home.

    What I will say is that Nvidia is currently in full rinse-the-customer mode right now, as in these two sectors they pretty much rule the medium to high end. Which I need for work, and would like to have at home.

    This is what happens when greed meets lack of competition.

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