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The Register is looking for a digital ninja the right person to manage the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presence of our tech news website and interact with our communities on other mobile and social platforms. The individual should live and breathe Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. They will interact with communities wherever …


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  1. Little Mouse

    Digital Ninja?

    Well, at least we're not calling them Gurus anymore, so that's progress.

    & wtf is a Flipboard?

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Digital Ninja?

      The moderatrix would never have stood for this nonsense.

    2. Bob Vistakin

      Here's my CV

      When do I start?

    3. MyffyW Silver badge

      Re: Digital Flapper

      If you're after somebody whose always wanted a job title ending -trix then look no further.

    4. Chris King

      Re: Digital Ninja?

      BYOS (Bring Your Own Shuriken) ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I've got lots of so called friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

    Do I get the job ?

    1. fandom

      Nah, that makes you the anti regcommentard.

      1. Danny 14

        I hate twitter, facebook and linkedin. Can i have the job?

        1. TonyJ Silver badge

          Hang on...

          ...If one Donald Trump can get the job of President of the Retarded States of 'Murca, with no experience whatsoever in that job, or any like it then shirley, you lot should be asking for the same level of qualifications.

          I'll do it if I can take his approach of insulting absolutely everyone. Constantly.


  3. wolfetone

    I wouldn't be recruiting today

    You might get a CV from someone called Hilary Clinton sent to your inbox.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I wouldn't be recruiting today

      Well done for being quick off the blocks, satire isn't dead. Upvote.

      Might be a caveat though, aren't things like Twitter and Facebook all about popularity ?

    2. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: I wouldn't be recruiting today


      I really don't think so. I suspect you'll find Hillary won't be sending any more emails for a while. Snail mail or carrier pigeon only for her from now on. She tried sending emails, but it didn't work out so well...

      1. Evil Auditor Silver badge

        Re: I wouldn't be recruiting today

        "She tried sending emails, but it didn't work out so well..."

        Must have been the millennials at the ballot box since apparently it's worse to use an illicit mail server than all the con of a professional hustler and self-acclaimed tremendously successful business man.

        1. Dan Wilkie

          Re: I wouldn't be recruiting today

          I'll be honest, I don't think most people really cared about the emails. I'd tell you why things went the way they did, but I'm stumped. Unlike The Trump.

          In fairness though, there was no good way to vote. $Deity knows how it got to the stage where they were the best two candidates.

          Ah well, the world turns, FS17 still works fine, so I don't care.

  4. tfewster Silver badge

    I pity whoever takes on the job

    Commentards and El Reg are pretty scathing about social media.

    1. Warm Braw Silver badge

      Re: I pity whoever takes on the job

      You clearly have more empathy than I do...

  5. tiggity Silver badge

    two tribes

    I assume this will end up with distinct 2 types of reg content consumers.

    1. Most current website visiting commentards, loathing of twitter, facebook etc. is commonly mentioned in comments.

    2. New readers, following links from social media, who happily speak their branes (not a typo) to the world & do all their interaction via social media platforms rather than via the website

    Hint to whoever becomes social media manager, don't bother punting many of those articles that criticize privacy issues / data slurping Twitter, Facebook et al, don't want to disrupt group 2 from their cozy bubble too much, and maybe add a "here be monsters" warning to the comments pages

    .. and with those comments that's me out of the running for the job ;-)

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: two tribes

      Nah. These forums are gentle and fluffy. I wouldn't characterise them as full of monsters at all.

      The warning should be more like: Here be grumpies - get off their lawns!

      1. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

        Re: two tribes

        The Register - Biting the hand that f̶e̶e̶d̶s̶ consumes IT

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: two tribes

      don't want to disrupt group 2 from their cozy bubble too much, and maybe add a "here be monsters" warning to the comments pages

      I've a better idea. Keep the Twattersphere and FB community wholly separate from the comments forums. All parties will be a lot happier that way, and I doubt that advertising that you *might hope* to punt at commentards would be the same that that you'd be able to get paid for via Twitter, FB and Linkededin.

  6. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    I don't have a twitter account, I log into Facebook about once a month (my Mum has more "friends" than me). I did once download the Flipboard app, but deleted it a week later. And I hate Linkedin and don't use it - although come to think of it I hate Facebook more, but the family forced me to be on there.

    On the plus side, I had a Google+ account for a bit, I have a proven track record of talking bollocks on these here forums, I once drank a lot of El Reg's whisky and stayed both upright and coherent until almost everyone else had left. Finally I can eat crisps at the highest level of competition, from Monster Munch to Kettle Chips, from Paprika to Hedgehog flavours, I've got the lot covered.

    By rights, the job should be mine!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You are lucky. Damn Flipboard is pre-installed.

      The bloody thing can't be uninstalled, even if I wanted, just "back to factory settings" or any equivalent translation.

  7. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    "Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn"

    Never used them, and hate them.

    On the plus side I hate Powerpoint too, and have only used that once because I had to.

    Can I have the job then?

    1. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

      I have to correct myself.

      I did sign up to Twatter. But then I got tired of hearing which hotel number room Woz had been sleeping in, and druken rants by Mr Fry (who I love to see on TV)., or how absolutely fab the woman from Countdown who's name escaped me right now, oh Carol Woderman, is.

  8. chivo243 Silver badge

    A bridge too far

    I have to doubt advertising on El Reg for a social doodad manager will work... Most of the commentards really dislike social media and all the frippery involved

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: A bridge too far

      True. But then I dislike doing the VAT return. But as I'm paid to do it, and HMRC will come and get all grumpy with us if I don't, it gets done.

      I would use Facebook. If you paid me.

    2. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

      Re: A bridge too far

      They do seem to be asking for an extrovert to sell a site written for introverted misanthropes by introverted misanthropes.

      1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

        Re: A bridge too far

        How very dare you! I'm not a misanthrope. I'm MrAnthrope.

    3. AdamWill

      Re: A bridge too far

      Most of the commenters != most of the readers.

      1. Pen-y-gors Silver badge

        Re: A bridge too far

        "Most of the commenters != most of the readers."

        Thankfully for El Reg's advertising income!

        P.S. A heartfelt thank-you to one of my fellow commentards who last night gave me my 10,000th upvote! Does this mean I get a free El Reg beermat or something?

  9. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    Can South Africans apply for the job too?

    In that case, do count me in as well :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Can South Africans apply for the job too?"

      Not sure why South Africans couldn't apply? But now that you brought it up - the answer is NO.

      Somehow "managing communities" and south african dorsn't sound right when used in one sentence.

  10. m0rt

    I think I am right for this job.

    "A witty, well-read and switched-on person with a nose for news and a good, if not expert knowledge of, and interest in, technology – as well as the willingness to quickly learn where their knowledge is patchy."

    Sure. Why not. I read El Reg, so I must be a switched on person, right?

    "Curiosity is a key attribute of our readers and this person’s posts and engagements should show an understanding of this."

    I would consider myself nosey.

    "A very good understanding of what works and what doesn’t on social media is essential, and the successful candidate will be familiar with The Register’s editorial tone, which is hard hitting, irreverent and fun."

    Sarky bugger = check.

    Social Media doesn't 'work' per se, it just is something that people use to pretend they are important. So this shows me as understanding Social Media. I mean I barely have a twitter account, don't use facebook and have a G+. How digital am I?

    "Some experience using audience engagement tools/apps."

    I have used Power Point. I hates it. This counts imho.

    "Forum moderation experience, and experience in making new audiences aware of website content is also a prerequisite."

    I am very moderate in the El Reg forum. I have posted check.

    "Numerate and financially literate – you will manage a budget."

    I have a bank account that doesn't use the overdraft. Check.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seems like a thankless job. Hope the Reg pays well...

    "They will spend time talking to our intelligent, funny readers on said social platforms as well as in our native commenting community. They will promote the site and make contacts in forums where we are not known."

    1. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

      Re: Seems like a thankless job. Hope the Reg pays well...

      And how many times a day will they be contractually required to mention DevOps?

      Three things I hope this doesn't encourage; more click-bait articles, articles which are mostly echoing or quoting what people have said on social media, social media users descending on the forums and turning the comment sections into another echo chamber of hate.

      1. Tom 38 Silver badge

        Re: Seems like a thankless job. Hope the Reg pays well...

        Duties will involve getting the comment boards rolling on DevOps, Storage and HPE stories..

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

  13. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    Best candidate

    Is non other than National Treasure and Mr Social Media, Stephen Fry.

    Added bonus he's on friendly terms with Tim Cook, so will be able to get El Reg VIP passes to Apple press events. As a bonus, may even get a Christmas card from Apple Marketing department.

    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: Best candidate

      What has Andrew ever done to you?

      Have a pint and an upvote.

  14. Korev Silver badge

    Ms Bee

    Is the Moderatrix available?

    The last Commentard who crossed her ->

  15. MattPi

    Is there a relo package from the US?

    1. Laura Kerr
      Big Brother

      Depends. How did you vote yesterday, citizen?

  16. Paul Woodhouse

    hmm, as an El-Reg commentard, if I admit that I actually have a facebook account that I use, will that mean I'll just get shunned and every post down-voted, or does it mean I'll be a shoe-in for the job?

    soooo tempted to go A/C for this comment...

  17. Grade%

    The Reg practices shark jumping.

    W. T. F. (and here I thought only the USA had fallen into another universe)

  18. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Bringing el Reg to social media? Must be setting out to disrupt. On which subject surely ¡Mr Bong! is the obvious candidate.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    The Reg seeks online community manager...

    Up there with 'US President seeks women liaison officer. Must have hooters' for thankless jobs of our time.

    1. BongoJoe

      But surely not as good as

      "Blind sculptor seeks volumtuous model"

      which was spotted many years ago in a New York publication.

  20. Rusty 1

    Graham Murkett?

    I do wonder if Graham Murkett, AKA somegreybloke, might be available, for the right price?

    He seems to have a good, well researched (if sometimes accidentally), grasp of many topics of interest to some or more or less other people.

    Indeed, there is a very apt presentation he made a few years ago:

    So not only is he topical, he is prescient.

    Could you please leave my finders fee of sixty Altarian dollars behind the hot water pipes, third washroom along, Victoria Station?

    Ta very muchly.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Your whole job description

    Described Donald Trump. Shame he already has a new job.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's Eadon up to now?

    He/she must have a bit of spare time.

  23. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    I can't help it, I can't stop thinking that the interview will be very much like this.

  24. 404

    You forgot something we've missed for some time....


    Sarah Bee

    Ya'll have way too much of a sausagefest going on over there - requires a new perspective.

    1. BebopWeBop Silver badge

      Re: You forgot something we've missed for some time....

      On the interweb no one can see you are a tit, just infer it

  25. Kaltern

    I currently work as a social moderator.

    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. BBC Facebook pages on fire after the fall of Bake Off. I watched Z-Listers fade into obscurity from the house of Big Brother.

    I stand on the forward bow of Twitter, tirelessly guarding the innocent against the depravity of humankind, tears in my eyes as I witness life collapsing around me. I've felt the exhilaration of knowing my actions have saved countless minds from corruption and despair.

    I've seen it all... felt it.

    So do I get the job?

  26. jonnycando

    Since social is so yesterday

    I will not be applying.

  27. Pen-y-gors Silver badge

    Get ahead of the curve...

    Since most of modern society seems about to disappear down the plug'ole, and we'll all be back to pre-digital life, could El Reg be the first to invest in a new form of analogue social media. Pehaps employing someone with a slate to run round all your list of 'friends' so that they can read the slate and add comments. Said runner to be paid in leaves of course.

  28. Paul IT

    Wrong medium for contact

    Why don't you post the job on Twitter - I don't use such a modern fangled device - but if you can get the best response in the limited number of characters, then that would be someone of character for the El Reg team.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wrong market research

    "They will spend time talking to our intelligent, funny readers on said social platforms"

    Your readers are neither intelligent, nor funny, and they do not have a presence on those so-called "social" platforms.

    I totally speak from personal experience here.

    1. 404

      Re: Wrong market research

      I've been banned by The Donald* himself on twitter and I'm intelligent and funny.

      Which is probably why I was banned lol.

      *and Cher, CNN's Jake Tapper, Hillary, Rubio, the list goes on heh heh...

  30. Lee D Silver badge

    How about somebody to IPv6 your site and SSL at least your login?

    Seems to me they'd be more use on a tech site than some guy posting the articles to Facebook and then posting Facebook comments to articles.

  31. Zmodem

    how much do you get paid

    1. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge


      how much do you get paid


      On Target Clicks, Friends,, Likes, Tweets/Twits

  32. hatti

    Today's el-reg posts, tomorrow's fish n chip paper.

  33. cd

    In which The Register is Debeaked.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And why London-based? Surely that's something anyone can do from anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection?

  35. JimmyPage Silver badge

    London Based

    so a 20th Century job then.

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