back to article Sega MegaDrive/Genesis lives again, in Brazil!

Brazilian outfit Tectoy has won the right to manufacture new versions of Sega's 16-bit MegaDrive console and is taking pre-orders for the venerable gaming machines. Known as the Genesis in some parts of the world, the MegaDrive used cartridges and this reproduction will support that medium. To drag the MegaDrive into the 21st …


    Emulation inside

    I've heard that the insides actually contain an ARM CPU emulating a MD/Genesis (not unlike what's inside Nintendo's offering), plus additional hardware to convert the mapping of physical cartridges to a filesystem compatible with the emulator. Not really that great given that this means that peripherals like the Sega/Mega CD and 32x won't work.

    Honestly, I'd prefer pulling my old MD clone out of the closet and use that instead.

    Interestingly, NXP still does make 68000 CPUs, as does Zilog with the z80. Wonder if the remaining PSG and YM OPN is still being produced, because apparently, the heart(s) of the Genesis is still readily available off the shelf.

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: Emulation inside

      > peripherals like the Sega/Mega CD and 32x won't work.

      Are rare beasts indeed compared to the number of Megadrives out there - anyone with them will have had no problem acquiring an original Megadrive to use with them.

    2. AIBailey

      Re: Emulation inside?

      I don't think it's emulation, no.

      TecToy know their stuff with regards to the MegaDrive, as they were the Brazilian distributor for the MegaDrive back in the 90's, as well as distributing several other Sega consoles.

      According to the official website for this console - (translation needed), the processors (68000 and Z80) are integrated into a single chip. That doesn't sound like emulation to me, rather a SOC. Hopefully it'll be a better implementation than the terrible ATGames version.

      1. Lamont Cranston

        Re: the terrible ATGames version

        I got one of those, then realised that I could get an immeasurably better experience by running an emulator on the old Wii that was knocking about. Ho-hum.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Emulation inside?

        Probably hardware emulation on an FPGA.

  2. Mage

    the processors (68000 and Z80) are integrated into a single chip.

    Maybe you can run Cromix on it then?

    Anyone else ever have a Cromenco with Z80 and 68000?

  3. Dabooka

    Mega CD and Lethal Enforcers please

    I can still hear it now;

    "Player 1!"

    "Player 2!"

    All this of course after a fight over who had to use the pink gun. Happy days....

  4. Sampler

    Original size

    So, this looks like a replica of the original, rather than what Nintendo have done with the mini-NES (which I get to pick up from the store tomorrow), seems to be a lost mark, they could shrink the console, still make it cartridge compatible but increase features and decrease floorspace (plus USB the controllers for PC/phone use aswell)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Original size

      "plus USB the controllers for PC/phone use aswell"

      plus Genesis the iPhone for headphone use aswell.

      If you really take a look at the Genesis's design, it's pretty slick. I'm thinking about putting an itx mobo in it, turning the cart loader into a phone charger and calling the modern PC done and dealt.

  5. 1Rafayal

    I saw that fat idiot ReviewtechUSA had a video about this on Youtube. I didnt watch it though.

    This looks pretty compelling though, Eurogamer suggests this is a hardware clone as opposed to an emulation.

  6. AIBailey

    Adding SD card support must have taken some tinkering. So while they were at it, HDMI output would have been a nice addition as well. To not include that is disappointing, but unfortunately removing RGB output as well means I'll pass on this.

    1. Luiz Abdala

      It was promised an HDMI output...

      ... but they dropped it in the last minute.

      I'm from Brazil, and watched closely as the relaunch hype unfolded in other media, and HDMI output was being speculated. It had RCA output, but in a 8-pin DIN connector. Check the connector at:

      I could see the host of problems when handling such a low resolution and parsing it up to the minimum resolutions available in HDMI. Not to mention that the video output was actually coded in 15-bit color space, as many emulators could attest. I think that just upscaling the signal to HDMI would be more expensive than the whole console.

      Anyway, great console.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You can buy a handheld version of the Megadrive in Argos for less than £20 with all those exact games installed. It's been available for years. Admittedly you can't add new games but can't believe there is a market for this new console.

    1. AIBailey

      That's the one made by ATGames, that I mentioned earlier.

      I've tried one of theirs before, and the emulation is sub-par, especially the sound part.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kid Chameleon lives again!

    Kid Chameleon - my oldest kid's favorite game, at least for a while! Great selection!!

  9. garognak

    Technically incorrect

    I am pretty sure the the resolution is not 256 x 224 as it would not match the one of the original machine at 320 x 240 ( 320 by 224 if you use NTSC).

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