back to article HP Elite x3 phablet: The three-in-one business has been waiting for?

HP is making a hugely ambitious return to smartphones, billing the Elite x3 as “one device that’s every device”. No pressure, then. The proposition is that the Elite x3 is a phone that doubles as a PC and tablet replacement. Once connected to an external display, keyboard and mouse, either wirelessly or via a dock, this hefty …

  1. Extra spicey vindaloo

    A phone with windows on it.

    "this hefty Windows 10 phablet can run full-screen Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. So the owner won’t need a PC"

    I've never seen a UWP app in a business environment, it's always either Web or Legacy apps that have hardly changed since XP days.

  2. druck Silver badge

    It was ok until...

    While reading the article you can start to see some merit in the idea, but then you get to that screen shot of the start menu, and realise the full horror of having to put up with Windows 10.

  3. sczerno

    You can "Link" the Dual Sim Messaging and Voice Apps into one app, there are just separate by default.

  4. mi1400
    Thumb Down

    The DeskDock is more of a marketing jargon to me. I am personally among the first buyers of world's first smartphone aka Sony Ericsson P800. P900 came wit a cradle having nothing but a connector inside a plastic piece. In 21st century these feminine jargons no more have space.It could/should have been just like a USB wire, may it be little fat on one end to house the extra electronics but a dock.. no no no. Also the dock is just a collection of connectors so again it should just be cable with replaceable heads or split ends. And £109 excluding VAT is insane and will also inflame the wars like XBOX PS4 camera bundling and not bundling. I am sure the Block-2 of this F-35 Lightning will be more realistic.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Signal pickup poor

    I purchased an Elite X3. Unfortunately the signal pickup is not as good as the Lumia 950 XL. I switched back, as I found too many times I could not get a data connection.

    I have actually used Continuum quite a bit, and I've found it to work surprisingly well.

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