back to article Open-source Sesame! Alibaba promises super-size magic for Java

Online commerce giant Alibaba is among a crop of “new world” Java users seeking to shape the direction of both language and platform. Alibaba, one the world’s largest users of Java, has entered the race for election to the ruling executive committee (EC) of the Java Community Process (JCP). Jack Ma’s ecommerce giant joined the …

  1. frank ly

    Cognitive Dissonance

    "... the GreenTea Java User Group ..."

    I just kept reading that and saying, "what?".

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I'd recommend...

    Deprecating the Java language and put all the effort into getting the full Python 3.x language and libraries running on the JVM. Then do the same with C#, F# and Swift.

    The JVM is a superb piece of technology; the Java language has had its day.

    1. Lee D

      Re: I'd recommend...

      No need.

      Almost anything can be compiled to target the JavaVM, even C code.

      Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection uses, for example, NestedVM to run under Java, even though it's written in pure C.

  3. maccy

    completely irrelevant but ...

    ... am I the only one who thinks Jack Ma looks like Takashi out of Akira?

    A quick google search suggests I am.

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