back to article Virgin goes 4G with zero-rated Facebook and WhatsApp

Virgin Mobile has finally upgraded its network to 4G – with an eye-catching deal: Facebook and WhatsApp data usage won't count against your monthly data bundle, a practice known as zero rating. With zero rating, no money changes hands between the network and the service, and in the USA, the practice has proved hugely popular. …

  1. ICPurvis47 Bronze badge

    Maybe they have their priorities wrong

    All very well for the population that are covered by Virgin, but I am being forced to leave this area, and the village where I am going does not have any sort of coverage from Virgin at all, no 2G, no 3G, not even a land line. This means I will have to change suppliers after 18 years good service, and lose all my email addresses (ntlworld). Please persuade Virgin to extend their coverage to the whole of Wales, it's not the end of the earth, and other ISPs and Telcos can do it.

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