back to article Why Oracle's Larry Ellison shelled out $9bn for NetSuite

NetSuite's 18-year run as an independent ERP SaaS provider is over after shareholders approved Oracle's $9.3bn acquisition of the firm. Larry Ellison scraped up a narrow majority of unaffiliated shares to land one of Silicon Valley's early SaaS pioneers. Ellison got 53.21 per cent of unaffiliated shares, 21,775,553. Oracle's …

  1. Zippy's Sausage Factory

    Oracle must stop NetSuite growing too much?

    Doubtful. I'd be surprised if it's not NetSuite's growth potential Oracle really wanted, to be honest. If it cannibalises existing products that's not such a bad thing from Big Red's point of view - it keeps them migrating to SalesForce or someone else and keeps the money going into Big Red's pockets and not someone else's...

  2. Mage Silver badge

    Untold riches

    "Analysts are predicting untold riches in enterprise cloud and ERP-as-a-Service thanks to the underlying switch from buying on-prem licences."

    Maybe they are right, if so then really stupid people are making the decisions. People outsourcing core aspects or mission critical or private aspects of their operations to so called "Cloud" may not personally suffer (any failure claims by our customers will be less than our cost savings), but the human race will rue it when they can't buy food at the checkout or make calls on mobile (because EPOS is down and Billing is down, all backends on the "cloud" to save money).

  3. RegW

    Hopefully with all the extra cash, netsuite can fix their UI.

    "Damn you - dancing AJAX button. Hold still a while, so I can submit my timesheet."

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