back to article Power to the (outsourced) people – globalisation starts small

Pleading poverty, we don't have huge quantities of cash to throw at the necessary elements of a crowdfunding campaign such as the main video and its fleet of videolets for social meeja channels. Yes, we're cheap. Or "efficient": quick, find me a CFO to make it sound better! So one way to get this material made is to have …

  1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    It is not a a question of cost

    Another is to hire students and (paid) interns,

    A gang of students (even well paid ones) + 1-2 grey beards have always been more cost effective than sending something to a warm and hot climate.

    The problem is that you cannot create a business model out of that and you cannot skim and pocket on the process. There are no junkets, free dinners with old school friends, etc either.

    You also have to treat students like humans - accommodate their schedules, goals, etc.

    So, what's the fun in that? Also "what is in that for me" for a given CXX value of "me". None. So definitely, outsourcing it goes. Under Consulting guidance.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "most people hate having to mess with their heating controls"

    So your products lets me walk in to a cold room and wait for it to warm up to comfort levels? I can see this will help push the consumer to mess with their controls, probably by screwing the old one back on.

    1. pinkmouse

      Re: "most people hate having to mess with their heating controls"

      "...get the price down to the point where even someone renting can get their money back in a year (a typical rental period) and even take their smart valves with them, putting back the originals before they go..."

      Oh, to live in that tech bubble with rainbows and unicorns. Get real.

      So what landlord is going to let a renter fiddle with the central heating system to fit new valves, let alone the cost of getting a plumber in to drain and refill the system when the valves are installed or removed? Then there's there the connection to the boiler the controller needs. That's assuming the boiler even has the appropriate connections, most rental properties are lucky to have a boiler newer than about twenty years old. And the fact that most renters are on or about minimum wage. So they might save £100 over a year, not much point if they don't have a spare £100 to start with to invest.

      I could go on, but I won't. Instead, I'm going to put a jumper on as I can't actually afford to turn on the heating.

      1. Loud Speaker

        Re: "most people hate having to mess with their heating controls"

        Your life appears to be sadly lacking in Unicorn poop.

  3. Sooty

    What is outsourcing about

    You missed off the survey option for,

    Getting some manager a big bonus by shuffling various budgets about to make it cost less in their particular area, while actually costing more overall.

    I put it under "other"

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Outsourcing is meant to undermine environmental and human right laws.

    Outsourcing is meant to undermine environmental and human right laws.

    The reason other labour is cheaper is because they do not live in a land that cares about people or the environment. A company that cares about either would be outsourcing to nations with higher environmental and human right standards, not lower.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Outsourcing is a scourge

    Local people lose their jobs to the cheapest bidder, the company produces increasingly mediocre products and gets swallowed up for the tasty parts. What remains is discarded.The local people are discarded, many will find it hard to get new work, especially if they are older.

    The executives who oversee this earn huge bonuses for 'increasing productivity and reducing cost'.

    All in the pursuit of 'value for the shareholders'.

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