back to article Brit cops cuff 14 in £11m money-laundering malware ring sting

The UK’s National Crime Agency has arrested 14 people suspected of using the Dridex and Dyre malware to launder £11m in stolen cash. The 13 men and one woman, some of whom were not British nationals, were aged between 23 and 52. A dozen were arrested in London, and the other two in Daventry and West Bromwich. Cash, mobile …

  1. montyburns56

    Well at least they didn't blackmail their victims into having a fight to the death or robbing a bank.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    How to defeat banking malware families

    If you set your email to only open Word documents in the Microsoft Word Viewer then 99.99 percent of these attacks would be stopped in their tracks.

    1. Keef

      Re: How to defeat banking malware families

      If only the solution was as simple as you are Walter it would be easy.

      Would you care to share your analysis of how you arrived at the figure of 99.99% of these attacks being stopped by using a word viewer?

      I think you're spouting bollocks, and this really isn't the place to do it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: How to defeat banking malware families

        Infection vectors: 'The Dyre attackers’ main infection vector is spam emails. Generally speaking, the emails are simple in structure and usually masquerade as business documents, voicemail, or fax messages. Each email comes with an attachment or web link to a malware-hosting site. If the victim is lured into opening the attachment or link, the Upatre downloader is installed on their computer.'

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