back to article Google knifes Eclipse Android Developer Tools

Google's lengthy deathbed vigil for its Eclipse Android Developer Tools plugin has finally ended. After announcing its intention to pull the plug on ADT at the end of 2015, the company on Wednesday found the nerve to do so. "With the release of Android Studio 2.2, the time has now come to say goodbye to the Eclipse Android …

  1. Planty Bronze badge

    Android Studio

    light years ahead of other development tools full stop. There is absolutely no reason to still be using Eclipse, and with only 10% iOS marketshare, little reason to run XCode either...

    1. James 51

      Re: Android Studio

      I can remember the number of studies I've read that has said iOS users spend more per capita (no, not that one (r)) than Android users.

      1. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

        Re: Android Studio

        Our experience is Apple nets twice the revenue of Android.

        1. Planty Bronze badge

          Re: Android Studio

          Sorry to break it to you. Android owners are using a better or cheaper or even free alternative to your app.

          C- Must try harder.

    2. Andy 73

      Re: Android Studio

      iOS has 10% market share? That'll be the 10% that actually spends money then.

      1. Planty Bronze badge

        Re: Android Studio

        If you listen to Apple, then yes, in real life? No....

        This is the tired excuse from developers than make crap apps. Because evrything on iOS is pay, good or bad, then there is queue of idiots willing to spend money on crap apps.

        On Android, there is always a free options (sometimes good, sometimes bad), so if you want to charge for something, THEN IT NEEDS TO BE GOOD.

    3. GeezaGaz

      Re: Android Studio

      So much market share, so little profit share.

    4. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: Android Studio

      you had me up to the iOS comment. no up nor down now.

      I think Android Studio is about as good as Micro-shaft's developer studio, and it has MANY of the same *kinds* of irritations and quirks that you have to learn to work around.

      Since I'm privately working on my OWN cross-platform IDE with an appropriate C-language compatible toolkit, I _can_criticize. Unfortunately I lack time+funds to complete it in a short period of time. Interestingly the VACUUM for a decent IDE is still THERE.

      Some of the worst aspects of Micro-shaft's development IDE are present in Android Studio, starting with the cumbersome nature of 'Auto Complete', the "hands off the keyboard" properties "thing" in the screen editor, and [worst yet] the *HIDEOUS* behavior of said screen editor when you make even the *TINIEST* of changes, and watch your entire screen RE-ARRANGE on you in the most HORRIBLE fashion. It's caused me to SCREAM PROFANITIES.

      Then there's the automatic code formatting. K&R style? REALLY? How about a *SINGLE BUTTON* to change it to ALLMAN STYLE for THE REST OF US, and *THEN* *KEEP* *THE* *STYLE* *SETTINGS* *INTACT* if you zip/tarball the project and copy it to a DIFFERENT COMPUTER (like multiple people working on it, via e-mail or something) ???

      It takes *WAY* *TOO* *MUCH* *DAMN* *TIME* to set up for Allman style. You have to change SO many things in SO many places. And how can you turn it *OFF*? Maybe there's a way, but it's SO hard to find things like that, it's almost worth "just changing all of those OTHER things".

      So I wouldn't call it "light years ahead", but it DOES have a number of useful features, and from within a Linux VM, CAN! BE! SET! UP! TO! RUN! ON! THE! HOST! DISPLAY!!!

      Yes. I do occasional 'droid development in a Linux VM, with the USB device forwarded [virtualbox], on a FreeBSD host. the latest 64-bit Mint does pretty well for that.

      /vent complete, hence the mushroom cloud

    5. Andrew Moore

      Re: Android Studio

      Agreed- really liking the Instant Run feature...

  2. Named coward

    The most annoying hurdle if switching from eclipse is getting used to yet another set of keyboard shortcuts

    1. Richard 22

      Except that you can configure your shortcuts in Android Studio to match other programs (Visual Studio, Eclipse, Emacs etc)

  3. Warm Braw Silver badge

    What choice is there?

    If you're a casual- or cross-platform developer, the Xamarin stuff for Visual Studio is now pretty competent (it had some unfortunate bugs that the latest release seems to have sorted out - ironically, one bug was that it wouldn't actually upgrade to the latest release). Of course you inevitably end up with a significantly larger application than if you stick to the native tools but it's not a bad choice, particularly if you come from a .net / C# background.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "We wanted to make sure we gave the community enough advance notice (as well as ensure that Android Studio was in a solid place for developers to migrate to) before ending support."

    I'm impressed someone could actually talk with parentheses!

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge

      talk with parentheses

      "I'm impressed someone could actually talk with parentheses!"

      like finger quotes, except you cup your hands, facing inwards. Cupping hands upwards would be how I "feel" heh heh heh.

    2. dajames Silver badge

      I'm impressed someone could actually talk with parentheses!

      We used to do that by tone of voice, but I expect there are conventions for doing so by miming emoji, or something, these days.

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