back to article Think GitHub and Git but for data – and you've got FlockerHub and fli

Flocker is a mouthful. It's an open-source container data volume orchestrator, which means it helps migrate data when containers shift hosts. It makes data volumes portable within clusters. Two years into its life, it's spawned a hosted service called FlockerHub. Its creator, ClusterHQ, describes it and its command line …

  1. Justin Clift

    GitHub for Data

    Seems to be a common concept these days.

    I'm involved in a project getting a "GitHub for Data" up and running too. (fully Open Source) ;)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      Re: GitHub for Data

      Conceptually, yes, fairly obvious. Where I run into trouble is allowing anyone access to raw data, period, full stop, emphasis all mine. I don't even trust myself with anyone's personal data, you expect me to trust the rest of my DevOps team? And yes, we were multihatted long ago sine we didn't have enough warm bodies in IT in the first place. In the SOHO/SMB space, it hasn't become any better. One day your SysAdmin, next dbA/dbE, then software engineer or hardware (flip a coin). Pretty sure Trevor Pott plays here too, if no one else does.

      1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

        Re: GitHub for Data

        <Lurch>You boinged?</Lurch>

      2. Justin Clift

        Re: GitHub for Data

        Yeah, the use cases I've been thinking of seem mostly:

        a) Publishing data sets (eg scientific results) - eg public databases

        b) Sharing data with colleagues - non-public databases

        c) Easy reporting (when we add good reporting/output options) - probably non public databases :)

        d) A simple place to store SQLite databases, for syncing between devices - most likely non-public databases

        So, ours is an experimental thing to see what makes sense along those lines.

  2. IanRS

    "Among the respondents, 43 per cent said they spend between 10 and 25 per cent of their time debugging application errors discovered in production, a chore that cuts into time that might otherwise be used developing new features."

    So they would rather be writing new bugs than righting old bugs?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Github is a PITA

    I shouldn't need to have git installed with all the bollocks that goes with it just to download some free source code. What exactly is wrong with a tgz file (thing that worked fine for 30 years) other than developers are too lazy to spend a minute creating one? Even Torvalds doesn't like Github much and he created git!

    1. Justin Clift

      Re: Github is a PITA

      Ahhh, sounds like you haven't noticed the .zip & .tarball options in GitHub.

      Every repository on GitHub can be downloaded as a tarball (or .zip). It's an autogenerated thing, so people without git don't have to install it.

      For example, one of the projects I put time into:

      That's our 3.9.1 release source.

      For anyone wanting "the latest" source, it's "master.tar.gz" on the end instead of the release number. For a .zip, just change the file extension on the end, and the server will send the right one. :)

      From the GitHub GUI, the download link is from the "Clone or download" button. That pops up a small window with options, and you choose "Download ZIP". (no idea where the tar.gz option went in that, I think they used to show it)

  4. wheelybird

    Is this an advert?

    It reads like one.

    I get portable data volumes. However whatever happened the concept of stateless containers? Wasn't that the dream?

    No, don't tell me. You've got a database in a container and you want it to fail-over. My suggestion is to stop looking at containers as a solution to everything.

    I think flockerhub is solving a problem that, if people architected properly, oughtn't exist in the first place.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So now all the developers have dumps of current, personally-identifiable customer and financial data sitting on their laptops. How exactly do you ensure compliance with that?

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