back to article Level 3 celebrates $34bn CenturyLink gobble by blacking out Eastern US

Network provider Level 3 Communications appears to be wrangling with a widespread outage in the US this morning. The backbone carrier says it is "looking into" the cause of an outage that, according to connectivity monitoring service DownDetector, is hitting customers across a large swath of the east coast and the southeastern …

  1. Kurt Meyer


    CenturyLink, the only alterative to Comcast in my little corner of the world.


    Yes sir, we do offer that to our customers.

    Would you prefer swimming with the sharks or the alligators?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: CenturyLink

      We already have proper derisive synonyms for Comcast (Con-cast, Scumcast, Noncast), so perhaps we need some for CenturyLink.



      Feel free to suggest other alternatives!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: CenturyLink



      2. Wade Burchette

        Re: CenturyLink

        Comcrap and CenturyStink.

      3. Kurt Meyer

        Re: CenturyLink

        @ Marketing Hack Re: derisive synonyms for Comcast

        I've always used Crapcast.

  2. Beachrider

    Interesting Picture...

    The picture that accompanies the article would leave one to infer that NOTHING was accessible in the Washington-Philadelphia-NewYork-Boston megopolis. That simply isn't true. If you have carrier diversity, you wouldn't have been affected at all.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Interesting Picture...

      Carrier diversity?

      You may have carrier diversity in place, but do you have peering diversity?

      All well have 15 carriers, but if at some point they rely on Level3 then you have issues.

      In the UK it would be similar to saying it's OK I have Virgin and Vodaphone, so I won't be affected if BT's entire backbone fails.

      1. Beachrider

        Re: Interesting Picture...

        Suffice it to say that, in the northeastern US, true end-to-end carrier diversity is QUITE available. There are resellers that vend a mixture of circuits (usually to meet a price). Certainly the internet can have surprising conduit non-diversity. Most companies do business with backup circuits that have clear carrier separation, though.

  3. The Count

    Got that backward do you?

    It appears that The Wall Street Journal thinks its the other way around. CenturyLink is buying Level 3.

    Somebodies confused.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: Got that backward do you?

      The outage comes at a particularly inopportune time for Level 3, which earlier this week officially announced it had agreed to a $34bn acquisition by US telecom giant CenturyLink.

      ^^^ I think that's what this in the article stated. CenturyLink is buying Level3. Although the previous article ( indicates that it's a "merger".

      Hmm.... I guess Level3 is just giving their customers a taste of the future with CenturyLink?

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