back to article LaCie flings out super-glam desktop Bolter drive

Seagate’s LaCie unit has announced three Neil Poulton-designed Thunderbolt 3 desktop storage boxes, one being a flash drive moving data at up to 2.8GB/sec. LaCie is announcing: Bolt3 combining Thunderbolt 3 speed and M.2 PCIe SSDs to create the world’s fastest desktop drive, 12big Thunderbolt 3 with up to 120TB of Seagate …

  1. inmypjs Silver badge

    Neil Poulton

    What an effing dumb arse.

    Lets stand a box on it's corner - because.

    As dumb as his utterly stupid web site.

    1. Buzzword

      Re: Neil Poulton

      Agreed. Look how they angle the photo so as not to show the two trailing wires (power and data).

      At least it uses SSDs, which are less likely to break when the housing is inevitably knocked over.

      1. EvilGardenGnome

        Re: Neil Poulton

        They're not visible as they're not there. No shadows. It is, essentially, kitschy desk art in the photo.

  2. Unep Eurobats

    El Reg standard?

    120TB - how many Lords of the Ringses is it, precious?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: El Reg standard?

      120TB - how many Lords of the Ringses is it, precious?

      With the length those movies are you'd just about get all 3 on there :).

  3. Charles 9 Silver badge


    Just how much footage (timewise) does one terabyte of 4K ProRes 4444 XQ footage tend to include? They don't provide a comparison.

    1. Sam Jelfs

      Re: Curious...

      ProRes 4444 XQ 4K runs at about 750GB per hour of footage (25fps)

  4. Ashley_Pomeroy

    I'm sure they're thought of it, but I don't like the idea of a hard drive having a stand that has magnets in it. It feels wrong.

  5. ecofeco Silver badge

    These guys are still in business?

    How is this possible?

    1. Necronomnomnomicon

      Re: These guys are still in business?

      I imagine the margins are big enough that they don't need to sell very many. That's why I'm always surprised this gets reported on, most boutique PC stuff doesn't. I assume it's because they're quite good at putting big numbers on a spreadsheet.

    2. paulf

      Re: These guys are still in business?

      After the 640GB Starck drives that all died en mass colour me shocked they're still in business at all.

      Both of mine were replaced under warranty after they failed within weeks of each other.

  6. Korev Silver badge


    "Six-bay 6big with up to 60TB" I wish ElReg would stop quoting storage figures like with with no redundancy.

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