back to article FBI reopens Hillary spillery

Newly discovered messages linked to the private email server run by Hillary Clinton when she was US Secretary of State are being investigated by the FBI. The Feds previously probed the Presidential wannabe's system and basically found nothing. It was feared hackers had ransacked the server looking for juicy sensitive files. …

  1. Mark 85

    Anthony Weiner?

    Really.. the guy who makes Billy and Donald look like choir boys? Ok.. maybe not choir boys... but he's definitely a part of that particular club. I guess we'll expect more releases of his selfies soon...

    Truth in posting: As a US citizen, I'm just disgusted totally by US politicians. Come to think of it, I'm totally disgusted by the politicians in every country.

    1. a_yank_lurker

      Re: Anthony Weiner?

      The Weiner strikes back.

    2. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      Re: Anthony Weiner?

      The thing is idiotic at a different level.

      Why the F*** were they sharing a laptop, an ipad and a phone? WTF? I do not work with classified info and I still never share work kit with my wife. She has her own, I have my own. She does not touch my work computer, I do not touch hers.

      So, now, let's look at this from a security clearance perspective - she, if memory serves me right, had significantly higher clearance than him. Why the f*** was he allowed his grubby mitts anywhere near her computing equipment?

      1. Ian Michael Gumby

        @Voland... Re: Anthony Weiner?

        I'm the same way. The only thing my wife and I share is my network attached printer.

        She knows better than to touch my kit. ;-)

        But we're in IT. They are political hacks. (Well he was a political hack.) They are ignorant about the security issues.

        But that's also the point why this is important.

        Huma sent info from her other accounts to a Yahoo! account so that she could print stuff off.

        From the sound of it... there are 10s of thousands per some reports of emails and many of these could be the deleted stuff from Clinton's servers. If any are classified... its a bad thing for Clinton and it opens the door to Clinton and company acting with gross negligence.

        You are also right that he doesn't have any security clearances and that just adds to the negligence.

        Its bad for Clinton. If she is elected, it will add to the already more than half a dozen Congressional Investigations she is already facing.

        Note too that this also adds to the embarrassment the FBI faces over the first investigation which from the released documents and leaks, Obama wanted it to tank and the FBI obliged.

    3. Adrian 4

      Re: Anthony Weiner?

      Politics has become a race to the bottom everywhere. The leftpondians have merely stopped pretending it's anything else.

    4. Ian Michael Gumby

      Re: Anthony Weiner?

      Carlos Danger (Weiner's online nom-de-sexting) is a former / disgraced politician who failed to make a comeback like Marion Barry... (He was the DC mayor who was caught in a drug bust and was later re-elected mayor)

      For the record, he doesn't make Billy look like a choir boy. Billy has a long history of sexual assault. Carlos Danger is only famous sexting and having an affair. Clinton? Google Anita Broderick and his time as Governor, then all of the other stuff. Including stuff post presidency in his private studio atop his Library in Little Rock.

      Again the irony. Guccifer first outing Clinton's private server after a hack of a Clinton Crony and now this.

      Clinton back in the limelight because Huma married a pervert who is now accused of sexting a 15yr old.

      (Note: Weiner and Huma are in the midst of a divorce. )

  2. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Tick Tock

    They'd better hurry. If she is elected, all of this will vanish.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Tick Tock

      Exactly, was posting to mention that they are just cleaning the future president. I still believe this was the first Bush's purpose...dirt disposal for his CIA pals.

    2. Ian Michael Gumby

      @None Such Re: Tick Tock

      No, it won't.

      If the Republicans own the House and Senate, She will face several Congressional Hearings.

      If Trump wins, Obama could... to spite him... pardon Clinton and her staff. That is pretty much how she could skate.

      1. Mark 85

        Re: @None Such Tick Tock

        If Obama wanted to really piss off people... pardon both Hillary and Trump.

        Icon---> Just pure evilness on my part. Note that I didn't say Trump has done anything illegal but.. it would irritate the hell out of him.

        1. Eddy Ito

          Re: @None Such Tick Tock

          I don't see how Obama could pardon anyone who hasn't been convicted and any such case wouldn't even be tried for another year besides it's unlikely anyone will. Essentially all we really know is that Comey certainly won't have his current job if Clinton wins and could easily be promoted to Lynch's current position if Trump does.

  3. Slx

    I'm not a Hillary fan but if Trump's elected is likely we all may vanish.

    She's not ideal and I have lots of concerns about her, much like using Gmail, but the alternatives is just horrible.

    1. David 132 Silver badge

      The American people have to choose between a crook and a buffoon. I don't envy them.

      Up until now I've believed that the best we can hope for is Hillary elected, with a Republican-controlled House (or even vice-versa) - a combination that would normally lead to stalemate. Four happy years of glorious, safe, stalemate.

      However, Obama's increasing use of Executive Orders, whenever he wants to get something done without any of that pesky "partisan obstructionism" / "democratic oversight" (delete as applicable) doesn't bode well. Presidents Clinton or Trump will have a mechanism, and a precedent, for doing whatever the hell they want.

      I'll be the first to admit that my grasp of American Civics is shaky at best. Any USians who wish to correct me and argue a counterpoint that it's better/worse than I think, please feel free to do so.

      1. BillG

        Reminds me of the saying, "You can vote for a Republican and hope they do not do as they promised, or you can vote for a Democrat and know they will not do as they promised".

      2. John Riddoch

        You can see the counts of executive orders by presidents here. He's hardly the most prolific user of them, although some of the previous highs (such as FDR) were no doubt borne out of the necessities of the time (war, mainly).

        1. David 132 Silver badge

          @John Riddoch You can see the counts of executive orders by presidents here. [Obama]'s hardly the most prolific user of them

          Oh, indeed, and I didn't mean to imply that he was either the first to use them, or the most egregious offender either. But whereas - and I accept that I'm generalizing here - the EO was in the past, a last-resort, this HAS to get passed in the best interests of the country, it seems to me that recently it's being used out of an attitude of I can't be bothered trying to justify this to Congress. Big difference.

      3. a_yank_lurker

        @David 132 - Most commentators and many powerful elephants dispise Blowhard. Thus Trump can not count on a solid Senate if impeached; too many elephants are likely to vote to convict. Many believe the opposite is true of Felon. The donkeys in the Senate would never convict her and many elephants would to be cowardly to vote for conviction no matter how serious the charges.

      4. Ian Michael Gumby

        Oh for FFS!

        Look, this is all interesting to talk about over a pint, but you Brits have to understand a couple of things.

        There's more to this than meets the eye.

        The MSM set Trump up.

        Early on... they gave him a lot of free air time. He said a lot of stupid things but he resonated with a lot of people. The MSM also starved some candidates killing their chances (Kasich)

        After he got the nod... the MSM piled on... Most of his air time from the MSM is negative. Then they break out the Billy Bush tape. (Funny, something from 2005 wasn't uncovered during the primary? Really? )

        It looks like they wanted to set Trump up as the candidate that Hillary could beat.

        But Trump resonated with a lot of people. He's an outsider and could change the corruption in Washington DC.

        If you read the emails, some outline the entire corrupt pay to play politics and how the Clintons got so rich.

        Everyone with half a brain knows that Clinton is a criminal and should be in the big house not the white house.

        You talk about Obama's executive orders.

        Most if not all have been challenged in court and have been struck down by the courts. (At least the important issues.) Of the two... Trump would be least likely to use them. Clinton... she'll do worse than Obama.

        Clinton would be far worse for the US and the world than Trump.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Oh for FFS!

          You are a Trump supporter. Do not address us as 'you Brits'. Don't claim you have the truth either. Only liars really do that.

          1. Ian Michael Gumby

            Re: Oh for FFS!

            No AC you twit, I'm an independent.

            I just can stand to see a criminal who has put the national security of the US and who's foreign policy attempts at nation building has caused so much trouble for everyone.

            Im an ABC voter ... Anybody BUT CLINTON.

            She's as corrupt as you can get.

        2. BillG

          Why Trump is Dangerous in DC

          Look the real reason why Washington DC dislikes Trump is this: Trump knows where all the politicians in DC have their money invested!!!.

          With that information he can get bills passed, or defeated, based on if a side effect of that bill makes money (or not) for Congressional leaders. Because let's face it, politicians are basically selfish and vote mainly for their own self-interests. Inside-trader-Pelosi will follow him like a lapdog.

          This is the dirty secret of what gave Trump control of so many state-level politicians - "approve my building and I will make you money". For good or bad, this would give Trump control of DC.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      View often and share often.

    3. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Six, there are plenty of perfectly acceptable alternatives for Gmail.

  4. Slx

    It is such a joke of an election.

    You could adopt the French approach when you're left with a choice between a dodgy candidate and Le Pen, you wear rubber gloves when voting as a protest.

    1. Chris G

      Going French

      I thought the French approach involved a big thingy with a heavy blade and an old lady knitting nearby.

      An approach that would certainly suit the vast majority of modern politicians.

      1. David 132 Silver badge

        Re: Going French

        I thought the French approach involved a big thingy with a heavy blade and an old lady knitting nearby.

        And Sid James guffawing nearby as he talks about "kinky runners" with Citizen Camembert (the Big Cheese)?

        It's possible that my understanding of history is a little confused.

        1. Teiwaz

          Re: Going French

          Ah, Carry on...a lot of my vague history references come from comedy too.

          A good parallel of the times is that often overlooked Goodies episode about the puppet government.

      2. Pompous Git Silver badge

        Re: Going French

        An approach that would certainly suit the vast majority of modern politicians.
        Perhaps not, but I'm sure the audience would :-)

      3. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

        Re: Going French

        "Despite the guillotine, there may be more French nobles today than before the Revolution "

        "...though many aristocrats disappeared in the revolution, afterwards in the 19th Century there were five kings or emperors of France - each of whom created his own nobility. So we stocked up on numbers!"

        1. Slx

          Re: Going French

          That's all very well, but their titles are utterly meaningless.

          I might as well call myself the Arch Duc du Frufru of Haute Picardy for all the titles in France mean.

          In the UK you still have the remnants of the feudal system alive and well and preserved for some odd reason.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Amateur politician gone mad

    This is the same fucktard who's been busily throwing those ever so public flailing tantrums about having to ask the grown-up TLAs for cracking services, isn't it?

    Now he's indulging in a second carefully timed FUD operation to undermine the Democrats' election campaign. What's wrong with the man? Has he got so much dirt on Trump that he can't bear to see it go to waste?

    Something should be done.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Amateur politician gone mad

      Interesting hypothesis.

      Trump is 100% controllable. Why - I would not go into because of UK libel laws. Hillary - not so much. You can probably buy her, but not control her using a file from the bottom left drawer of the desk, Hoover style.

      +1 - One explanation may be that the guy wants a restoration of the bureau to all of its Hoover days glory. He is once again pretty amateurish in this though (same as in his attempts to compromise encryption). Hoover did not need to send strange mails to congress to get his way.

      1. Teiwaz

        Re: Amateur politician gone mad

        "Trump is 100% controllable."

        Funnily enough the right wing conservatives thought the same about Adolf at the time.

      2. Ian Michael Gumby

        @AC Re: Amateur politician gone mad


        Get real.

        Go read Clinton Cash.

        Clinton has been and would be bought.


        He's less controllable in those terms, but also less likely to do something stupid because he'll actually listen to good advice.

        Look at Clinton's foreign policy . She's batting 0.000 and if you were to ask anyone five years from now... "What's Allepo ?" they'll just point to a parking lot. Thanks to Obama/Clinton... Assad and the Russians are turning Allepo into a parking lot.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: @AC Amateur politician gone mad


          Your rhetoric is overly political and you're taking every chance to big up Trump.

          With all due respect, stop effin posting.

          1. Ian Michael Gumby

            Re: @AC Amateur politician gone mad


            Can I help it that the DNC rigged the primary to take Bernie out?

            Can I help it that Biden pulled a brain fart and decided not to run?

            Can I help it that Obama tanked the Clinton email investigation?

            No... so who do you vote for when you need to keep Clinton out of the WH.

            If she were to win... she'd face 3 years of investigations and civil lawsuits and would be the laughing stock of the world. Trump? He's only marginally better, but a heck of a lot more honest. He never broke the law multiple times. No perjury, no obstruction... and no gross negligence that wasn't charged because Obama and Lynch rigged the investigation.

        2. MrDamage Silver badge

          Re: @AC Amateur politician gone mad

          @Ian Michael Gumby

          Political punditry isn't your thing. I surest you stick to flower arranging.

          1. Ian Michael Gumby

            @Mr. Damage ...Re: @AC Amateur politician gone mad

            Political punditry?

            Sorry, but if you were ask me What about Allepo, unlike Johnson I would have said "What about it?"

            Thanks to Obama and Clinton's policies and actions... its going to be a new parking lot when the Russians and Assad gets done with it.

            But that's not playing politics, that's foreign policy and a knowledge of history.

        3. DiViDeD

          Re: "Clinton has been and would be bought"

          Yes, the evidence suggests there's nobody more easily bought

          The problem is, she doesn't *stay* bought - not for any money

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm sure there is nothing to it.

    Why would this be a problem? If you have been using the correct government mandated email system and observing security protocols for sensitive information like the rest of us do (to avoid dismissal or a forced stay "At Her Majesty's pleasure") what could possibly be of any concern?

    It's not like she has been using her own email server to exchange secret information, destroying Blackberries and wiping 33000 subpoenaed emails is it? Next thing you'll be telling me is the Clintons run a fake charity that has netted millions of dollars for political favours under the guise of "Speaking fees". Oh you conspiracy nuts.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    This article doesn't tell some important points.

    1) To start off on a lighter note, the article should have mentioned Anthony Weiner's nom-de-plume from his previous dick-pic sexting misadventures, back in the days when he sexted with grown women--"Carlos Danger".

    2) Huma Abdenin was using her now-ex-husband's phone to send email messages to Hillary's infamous old email. So the feds found those when they were looking for Anthony Weiner's communications with underage women.

    3) The feds only know that they have emails between Huma and Hillary. They don't know if these emails have already been seen by federal investigators or not (they may or may not be part of the 30K emails that Hillary deleted) and they don't know whether they contain any classified materials.

    4) So this latest eruption is not about Anthony Weiner's cyberspace sexual misadventures across state lines, thereby bringing in the feds. Instead it was because his ex-wife used his phone for completely unrelated emailing that was also the subject of a federal investigation.

    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      Re: This article doesn't tell some important points.

      Instead it was because his ex-wife used his phone

      He never had anything like his ex-wife security clearance. Regardless of the Hillary case, this alone is criminal outright. She should not have used his personal (or congress) equipment for work purposes.

    2. Ian Michael Gumby

      @Marketing Hack ... Re: This article doesn't tell some important points.

      The FBI knows a bit more than that.

      Comey f'd up the first investigation. Records and details show that the fix was in from the beginning.

      This? Its 11 days before the election and there has to be something significant for Comey to send that letter to Congress. (On a Friday...)

      So yeah, if you read between the lines... there are an estimated 10K emails. If they are work related and were not turned over and were deleted... now you have another example of obstruction on the part of Clinton. (At a minimum)

      Weiner had no clearance. Again Gross negligence.

      They must have seen something to flag and alert Comey.

      1. ElsmarMarc

        Re: @Marketing Hack ... This article doesn't tell some important points.

        The article is misleading in that the "investigation" has not been re-opened. Comey is a Bush carryover. As I read through articles like these I have to laugh remembering the Bush administrations "lost" emails (over 22 MILLION of them), Cheney's document shredding and all that went with 8 years of Bush.

        It is also painfully obvious that few if any here have READ any of the Clinton emails. Most are totally mundane communications with no intelligence value, and the few that had any potential security issues ("classified") were some which were embarrassing but not "top secret".

        As to Comey (Republican), senior officials at the Department of Justice told FBI Director James Comey ahead of time that his Friday announcement was not consistent with department policy. Comey made an "independent decision" to notify Congress - I wonder what his real motivation was.

        The Clinton's have been investigated for years and what has come out of all of the investigations? Nada. Heck, how long have the Bengazi investigations gone on? When does it stop? Ever?

        I'm in my late 60's and remember all the bull politicians have pulled over the years of my life, such as Iran Contra and Reagan's "October Surprise" colluding with Iran to ensure Jimmy Carter's election defeat. The stuff being complained about these days is pablem - Minor stuff by comparison. And why hasn't Bush been indited for war crimes? He lied the world into destroying Iraq. And that's not to mention Cheney.

        I'm not a Clinton fan. Trump is a serial liar and extremely ignorant. The US has become "gun stupid". My retirement home in Thailand was finished about 2 months ago and I'll soon be there to watch as the US sinks into Idiocracy. I'll live out the remainder of my life in peace and quiet in Prachinburi and for medical issues there's Bumrungrad.

        All this hyperventilating about Clinton's emails is by tinfoil hat nuts and Clinton haters like Julian "No Longer Relevant" Assange who is no more that another sexual predator.

        1. Mark 85

          Re: @Marketing Hack ... This article doesn't tell some important points.

          It seems that there's some rumblings in the DOJ about Comey violating the Hatch Act which could get interesting.

          1. Eddy Ito

            Re: @Marketing Hack ... This article doesn't tell some important points.

            I don't recall any mention of the Hatch Act when Lawrence Walsh effectively did the same thing to George H.W. Bush on 30 October 1992. Can't see why this would really be different.

          2. Ian Michael Gumby

            @Mark85 Re: @Marketing Hack ... This article doesn't tell some important points.


            Its Sen Reid who everyone is glad he's leaving.

            He'll say anything and will never apologize. He's also willing to divide the house and is the biggest partisan political hack. (Remember he's the guy who single handedly killed tort reform because he's funded by the trial lawyers.)

            But getting back to the Hatch Act..

            1) Read the Hatch Act... its using one's position in office to fund campaigning. e.g. campaign mailers using your postage privileges and charge them to your office. Or Obama flying out on AF one to stump for Hillary.

            2) There's no teeth to the act.

            3) Comey is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. If he didn't do it, it would have come out in leaks and then it would have looked like he was hiding information. Considering the information already released that makes him look bad and that the fix was already in... he notified Congress that in his testimony that everything was closed and its now open.

            As it turns out that there are 620K emails on the laptop.

            Not all dick pics. ;-)

            Could be everything and all of the emails including the 30K that were deleted. The fact that they saw the metadata and then stopped to get a warrant, that was the trigger. Also noted, Comey did sit on this for a week from when he first learned about it, but wrote the letter a day after when they briefed him.

            1. Mark 85

              Re:@Ian Michael Gumby @Mark85 @Marketing Hack ... This article doesn't tell some important points.

              See... I said it was going to get interesting. This campaign season has been probably the all time worst that I recall although I'm sure one or two other might have rivaled it (maybe Tricky Dicky's re-election?). The media is being manipulated by both parties and the public sees the resulting steaming pile.

              The press has reported that Holder made the statement about the Hatch Act. Reid is running off the mouth over Trumps alleged Russian Connection which the FBI is saying "nope.. no connection". We, in IT, have seen Comey's antics over surveillance and hacking into computers and phones.

              The sad part in all this is that, we the people, are being manipulated by it all.

              Sidenote: I do wish there were term limits on Congress. The ones that have been around forever are a big part of the problem with US government.

        2. Ian Michael Gumby

          @ ElsmarMarc Re: @Marketing Hack ... This article doesn't tell some important points.


          You do realize that Comey was appointed by Obama, right?

          That he and his brother have some ties to the Clinton, through his prior job... (but that's a stretch...)

          You still have no clue and a revisionist history over what happened.

          Go hang out at Pat Pongs.

  8. Daniel B.

    Way to go Comey!

    So, the guy isn't only trying to screw over crypto with mandated backdoors, he's also trying to screw over the US Elections as well?

    He needs to get sacked!

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