back to article VMware do we go from here?

Storage Architect VMWorld Europe was held last week in Barcelona. We saw the release of vSphere 6.5, plus a suite of other products and enhancements to the core platform. There was also the announcement of a partnership with AWS, which had many (including myself) scratching their heads as to exactly what it meant. So where is …

  1. thondwe

    Long term

    VMware seems not to have a long term strategy? SaaS seems to be the way that the Software Companies are going - Safe regular income, only need to support one platform rather than loads of local ones. Would Suggest that Hybrid SaaS is creeping in too - so an appliance in your data center which is an extension of a Cloud service. Already happening for IaaS/PaaS - Cisco Meraki, Azure Stack, etc.

    So IaaS/PaaS suppliers are going to be a few big companies - AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack and Container based options?

    VMware is about local IaaS for legacy applications. So they end up like IBM + Mainframes - serving a steady but limited market? And hardware suppliers will either be supporting the big players or these legacy environments.

  2. vivewein

    Amazon and vmware getting more intimate

    Maybe amazon buys vmware. Would make much more sense that any other ideas in the past freeing vmware. (And getting docker the same time)

    1. Cloud Sleuth

      Re: Amazon and vmware getting more intimate

      Interesting thought and something I would agree would be compelling - leading both the private and public space. Maybe the recent announcements are the start of that journey.

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