back to article Fujitsu seeks PC exit, finds willing buyer in Lenovo

Fujitsu is in talks with Lenovo to offload its PC arm to its Chinese rival. If the talks are successful, Fujitsu will continue to sell and support own-brand PCs, designed and made by Lenovo. The two companies are looking to the Development Bank of Japan to bankroll the deal. Fujitsu is currently the 10th biggest PC …

  1. Khaptain Silver badge

    Do people really buy them

    I always wondered who actually buys Fujitsu PC,s . Im my various travels I have never actually been in a company, nor have known any friends who actually posses one..

    Amongst the El Reg crowd I can only presume that some of you know who actually buys Fujitsu, hands up anyone ...

    1. lansalot

      Re: Do people really buy them

      Not desktops - but their laptops are actually pretty awesome.

    2. JollyGreen

      Re: Do people really buy them

      Only one I am aware of is a certain German company that was previously partnered with Fujitsu, you may even still find some old machines with both their names on them. Can see that contract being a large part of any sales for them. Thou HP is starting to appear more and more so I don't know for how much longer that will last, which may play a part in Fujitsu wanting to get out of the direct business.

      The laptops are good, desktops are not bad either.

    3. Hans Neeson-Bumpsadese Silver badge

      Re: Do people really buy them

      I thought that as well. It was only when I read this article that I remembered that they're actually a PC brand. I see so few of them - either in use by customers or in mainstream retain - they they kind of slipped out of my consiousmess

    4. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Do people really buy them

      Fujitsu Siemens business computers are probably more common in Europe than the UK. I expect HMRC to be a big user, given Fujitsu are part of the Aspire contract.It has been a few years since I've seen their PC's/laptops being sold on the UK high st.

      I've personally found their workstations/servers to be of a superior build quality to Dell/HP - even to those that use the same Tyan motherboard.

    5. Tim #3

      Re: Do people really buy them

      I've used them for years, excellent desktops, mine have been very stable and 100% reliable (famous last words...). They are probably not the highest spec for gamers etc, but not everyone always needs that.

      Their convertible PCs are fabulous things too, used to have one from work, trialled it against all the opposition too and it won by a mile. Alas they are rather pricey, but if anyone has a spare T936 laying around I'll gladly look after it for them.

    6. Philippe

      Re: Do people really buy them

      I have only met two types of users,

      People who work for a certain German company who use to be a partner of Fujtisu and Fujitsu employees.

      Both were so very happy to be using those.

      Very good quality kit.

      It'll take Lenovo about 3 months to turn it into dust

    7. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Do people really buy them

      Got one of their Thin Clints on my desk, one of the big banks. I presume these are part of the PC Business

    8. GrumpenKraut Silver badge

      Re: Do people really buy them

      Yep, here. Bough several workstations in 2013. Darn fast, near noiseless, and apparently very good quality (I expect my machine to be fine for a couple more years). As order and delivery where a long time apart the RAM was doubled over what was ordered for zero extra cost, nice.

      The BIOS, however, ... Are all BIOSes from large vendors such a convoluted mess?

    9. circusmole

      Re: Do people really buy them

      I have a Fujitsu laptop. Attractive to look at, seems rock-solid reliable and very well put together. I'd buy another one if I needed to.

  2. Uk_Gadget

    Just setup an old fuji desktop, must be 8 years old, for one of the management team. good workhorse system.

  3. Mike Shepherd

    All your UEFI spy machine...

    ...are belong to us.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fujitsu Products Very Good

    Anon just because:

    I was data centre manager for a local authority. As we were previously ICL and fujitsu had manufactured the Series 39 VME machines, when we switched to Windows 2000 (desktop and server) Fujitsu-Siemens were in the running. We had previously been using Toshiba laptops, desktops and servers, but Toshiba dropped out of the server arena and their desktop computers were found to be wanting.

    Out to tender we went... Dell did not want to know, hp/compaq had their own issues at the time and sent one rep and had their other rep 'presenting' from HP world in Las Vegas (that really annoyed us). Fujitsu (dropped the Siemens by then) came up with a range of 1, 2, 4 U servers and a nice blade server range, plus, we were able to incorporate their laptops AND desktops (the toshiba desktops had started to fail, badly) into our 3-year rolling programme. The servers/blades integrated nicely with our EMC Clariion kit (then VNX) After another 5 years, we went out to tender again and they were our supplier of choice. Assembled in Munich, I believe. Unfortunately, being local government, we were never able to take up their offer of a trip to Oktoberfest! :-( Excellent products, easy to install and their technical pre-sales and sales staff 'spoke our language' and were wonderful to deal with.

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