back to article BlackBerry design boss tells El Reg: 'We're not getting out of phones'

The more BlackBerry explains its phone strategy, the more people insist there will never be another BlackBerry. Which must be annoying. Headlines a month ago that the company had “hung up on its handset business” were only half right. Executives reaffirmed to us this week that they expect to see more BlackBerry phones rather …

  1. Bronek Kozicki

    well for the time being, I just bought another BB Classic from ebay to use when my current one wears down ... because indeed, the phone without keyboard is not much to me.

  2. J. R. Hartley

    The title is no longer required.

    They're in denial.

  3. AMBxx Silver badge

    I suppose

    Seeing as all phones look alike these days, putting different software on someone else's is the same thing as making your own?

  4. Jim84

    The keyboard lives on

    It is good news that the BB keyboard is probably not dead. I just wish they'd bring back the bold's navigation nub (knob?) in the place of the home button on your standard smartphone.

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