back to article Small fry Scale offers single-node HCI boxen for the ROBO crowd

Scale Computing is set to announce a single-node configuration of its HC3 hyper-converged infrastructure appliance (HCIA). Scale says it provides replication and remote management for disaster recovery (DR) and distributed enterprise deployments – remote and branch offices (ROBO). It is less costly than normal HCIA deployments …

  1. jms222

    What does it actually DO ?

    Sometimes I feel old.

    1. sempertyrannis

      Well, jms222 - what it does is this - it provides storage, virtualization, replication/dr without needing the admin to be a VCP, a CCNE, or a SNIA certified Storage engineer. It does it without licensing of any kind and is easy enough that a 4 year old can run it. -

      1. Lost_Signal


        You don't need to be a VCP to deploy ESXi on a stand alone host, and replicate it back to your main datacenter. It comes pre-installed when you buy a server from Dell or most OEM's, and there is a pretty HTML5 interface now on the hosts to manage it.

        As far as replication, vSphere Replication, or Veeam (or a dozen other easy to use systems) can replicate that VM from the site back to your main site, and in the case of ROBO you get the uber cheap ROBO licensing to cover it (pay per VM for small sites).

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