back to article Kroll Ontrack acquired for US$410m by LDiscovery

Data recovery and discovery outfit Kroll Ontrack has been acquired, for US$410m. Kroll Ontrack's buyer is LDiscovery, LLC, an outfit that specialises in data management services for law firms. Kroll plays in that field, too, but also boasts expertise in home and business data recovery services that see the firm prise open …

  1. Gde

    Quick Inquiry?

    I've recently found myself out of work (no connection), will there be any new job openings? I really need something and promise to work harder than most applicants and for a much lower paycheck.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Quick Inquiry?

      I must admit that I would find working there to be my idea of a fun job, but then again I have rather odd ideas on what's fun! Information theory meets electronics engineering. Yum!

  2. AndrueC Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    I used to work for KO. Left them exactly three years ago in fact. Not a bad place to work really. Like most large companies it could do with a management cull and smaller legal team but it wasn't just us plebs at the bottom who got the heave-ho back in '13. Perhaps that did the trick. Anyway I wish 'em well - it sometimes felt that they got passed from pillar to post and there's a lot of talent there if only someone can work out what to do with it.

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