back to article Ubuntu 17.04 'Zesty Zapus'

Ubuntu overlord Mark Shuttleworth has named the next version of the Linux distro "Zesty Zapus". Each version of Ubuntu has a two-word name, both starting with the same letter of the alphabet. The second word is always an animal and the first is an adjective. This policy has given use names like "Oneiric Ocelot" and "Edgy Eft …

  1. Cirdan

    Time flies!

    Happy Z-day, Ubuntu! This day seemed SO far in the future...

    I came in at Dapper Drake 6.06 (yes, .06 -- release was delayed).

    Holy crap, how time flies. A decade with the penguin and it seems like only yesterday.

    Thanks for MY ten Years of Linux on the Desktop.


    P.S. I'm now hanging out with Ubuntu's fraternal twin, Linux Mint. Hope that doesn't make it too weird for Ubuntu...

    1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

      Re: Time flies!

      Well, it sounds like having an anniversary celebration with your ex. And Ubuntu is seeing other people as well.

      1. frank ly

        Re: Time flies!

        Because of careless speed-reading, I spent a long time thinking that 6.10 was called 'Edgy Elf'. I conflated this with the 'Parsing ELF' start up message of Debian and had some very strange mental images for a while.

        By their usual release schedule pattern, this will be followed by 17.10 and then the 18.04 LTS in early 2018. I always wait for the LTS then give it six months to settle down.

  2. ici.chacal

    An den......?

    So how will they name 17.10 and beyond..?

    1. Stoke the atom furnaces

      Re: An den......?

      Like hurricanes, Ubuntu can start using the Greek alphabet. Watch out for Alpha African Swallow next year.

    2. Benchops

      Re: An den......?

      Plenty more characters in Unicode ;)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's just taken a week to cut/paste-document post Windows 7SP1 Patches for our needs.

    We did the following because of Microsoft Policy of slipping telemetry/spyware into their security patches, as well as patches that don't install unless you do each one on its own (the RDC patches).

    We have just spent a full week cutting and pasting the Microsoft Knowledge base, so we have a quick summary list of what each patch does (since SP1), but also documenting the patches which fail to install when grouped, in a simple (but pretty big) text file list structure.

    The patches you need to get Windows 7 Update working 'out of the box', the patches you need to get Windows 7 Update working again, after installing the cumulative April 2016 'convenience' roll-up patch (which of course, breaks Win7 updates again).

    Hours of tedious boredom, via VMWare (with multiple rollbacks), just to get a fresh Windows 7 image to have no failed updates-showing 100% 'history of updates' success - but also, to get a fully upto date Windows 7 with specific updates - with no back ported Win10 Telemetry, no Win10 (previous) Nag or removal patches, or equivalent patches.

    Done, so we never, I repeat never, have to reference multiple links to get to the description of an update, again, because it was wasting so much time.

    In the same breath, we installed a VMWare of Linux Mint xfce in 8 minutes flat, including setting username password, and fully updating it. Nothing failed, everything installed without a hitch.

    Can someone explain why anyone is still using Windows? Because I'm failing to see the sense in continuing with Windows. Windows 10 anniversary update is in relative 'calm' at the moment, after months of upheaval, in terms of failed updates, but the Start Menu (constantly changing) just looks and feels like Malware.

    Windows Update really is legacy (patches on patches) clunky, shitty, garbage. With clenched teeth - 'Clunky' did work though, but boy, its not easy to achieve (100% success on Windows 7 Update History).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's just taken a week to cut/paste-document post Windows 7SP1 Patches for our needs.

      As SystemD increases its scope the difference may become negligible. I do, honestly, hope that I'm wrong about my previous statement. Luckily, Devuan is fighting against that rising tide.

    2. Xubuntu

      Re: It's just taken a week to cut/paste-document post Windows 7SP1 Patches for our needs.

      Quite simply FUD.

      Some people I speak to about Linux are just afraid of change or they think Linux is still 'in development' and 'not ready' for large corporations. Or they know a Windows/Mac users who 'warned' them against using Linux.

      1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

        Re: It's just taken a week to cut/paste-document post Windows 7SP1 Patches for our needs.

        There was just something hideously bad found in the Linux kernels - all of them. Patch if you can. C...lumsy Cow or some such.

        Of course there also was something hideously bad found in the code that bloody Windows uses to display bloody letters on the bloody screen. Good luck using Windows without that. Well, I suppose you can install the latest Windows Server with no user interface - since the alternative is the user interface of Windows 8 to 10, it is a cracking good idea to not have one at all.

  4. sikejsudjek

    Never had a problem with systemd. Had plenty of problems with windows update of late.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ubuntu naming convention

    I have heard it stated* that the most persuasive reason why business doesn't change its PCs and laptops from Windows to Ubuntu is its asinine alliterative naming convention.

    "Which IT Director would wish to tell the Managing Director of their multinational company that they are moving their desktops to software known as Feisty Ferret, Pregnant Penguin or Wizened Wombat?

    When Mr. Shuttleworth grows out of stupidly amateur and childish names for 'his' software releases, then maybe there's a chance that it will (after decades of anticipation!) be the Year of Linux on the Desktop..."

    * so no reason to vote me down!

    1. Dylan Byford

      Re: Ubuntu naming convention

      They could just refer to it as '17.04', couldn't they?

      I'm on 14.10 and been using it since it was launched - got no idea what animal it's supposed to be named after. I think you have to go looking to find it.

    2. Blane Bramble

      Re: Ubuntu naming convention

      Because Microsoft Windows releases never have code named, right?

      "Hey boss, we're going to skip Longhorn and Blackcomb and are going straight to Jupiter, OK?"

    3. Xubuntu

      Re: Ubuntu naming convention

      Ah so it's the use of childish names that hampered its success. That explains why Android has never taken off.....oh, wait....

      1. frank ly

        Re: Ubuntu naming convention

        If the only thing that a business knows about Linux is the existence of Ubuntu, then that business needs some serious changes at the top.

  6. Stoke the atom furnaces

    '[' follows 'Z' in ASCII.

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