Looking for another smartphone recommendation

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  1. Uncle Slacky

    Looking for another smartphone recommendation

    Number 2 daughter is now looking for a smartphone. Cheap but reasonably rugged, takes SD cards, has a removable battery and easy to keep updated. We're looking at around €150 or less (in France).

    Currently she's considering the Wileyfox Swift or Spark, maybe a Moto G, though I've heard the Lenovos are meant to be good. Alternatively there are some cheap Chinese no-names available for less, like the Leagoo Z5 or Bluboo Picasso. Any opinions?

  2. Zmodem

    xperia e5 or xperia m5, if anything else fails, you can grab a xperia m4 for €60 on ebay, but the m4 will probably on have 8GB of space 2 or 3 can be used, the best option would be a xperia z3 for €140 on ebay

  3. jamescarton

    Lenovo the best economical mobile and nice performance and look. Lots of Lenovo model in market i prefer a snapdragon processor mobile you buy it's a very fast performance.

    1. Torry_Cox

      I also heard that Lenovo is good and not expensive phones

  4. mobileaddict

    I prefer to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 as it brings a raft of cutting edge new ideas and features designed to help you live life the way you want to live it.

  5. David_Michaels

    I would prefer to buy a Samsung Galaxy Series as it has lots of varieties which makes it user friendly.

  6. robertemma

    check out for Xiaomi A1 it is powered by google android one and hardware prepared by google. You will get the lastest update in a go

  7. LJon304

    try Asus. The IC is worth depending.

    haven't heard of bursting or overheating issues

    slight lags aren't to be complained if you are under 200 bucks.

    still you will find a handy 3 gb ram with good battery backup, storage and a quality camera at this range.

    sony comes with lesser ram/rom

    samsung carries lesser battery

    moto and lenovo too are good options.

    however I recommend asus

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