back to article SimpliVity sheds staff, rattles tin for another $100m from investors

Hyper-converged infrastructure appliance vendor SimpliVity is working with Morgan Stanley to get more private funding and to launch an IPO possibly in 2017. It has also laid people off. SimpliVity has been making cuts while looking for $100m in extra cash, a source familiar with the matter has told The Register. We have seen …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hey Gartner didn't you have simplivity in the leaders quadrant. Looks like they booked 95Million which lets says revenue 60-70million for an entire year. I'm pretty sure everyone else in that leader Q is way over 100m per quarter in revenue. You guys have really awesome insight into the the tech industry *cough cough* just like the time you posted Pures revenue that was bang on. Oh wait it was off by more then 100 million. Seriously do you guys even do your own homework at all?

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