back to article What the HEC? HDS claims it has a big *aaS

HDS has updated its converged and hyper-converged product offerings and added storage, compute and analytic things available as a service. Put another way – BaaS, AaaS and DRaaS are joined by STaaS and CaaS. We get: Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC) for automated data center operations and application delivery in private and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They should diversify into an online dating agency...

    Kiss My AAS

  2. geoffq

    if they made hats to promote it...

    could we call them aaS-hats?

    Reminds me of something a few of us referred to as Project Donkey at a previous employer.

  3. JJKing

    NABA! I am so sick of them.

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