back to article Pushy Pure, cheerful Cisco fortify FlashStack

Pushy Pure Storage is expanding its FlashStack collaboration with Cisco. FlashStack is a converged system reference design, FlexPod style, involving Pure flash arrays and Cisco server and networking gear. For example, the FlashStack Mini bundles the FlashArray//m10 with the Cisco UCS Mini compute and fabric interconnect …

  1. froberts2

    Is this going to be like last time they announced something with Cisco, and Cisco knew nothing about it?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pure/Cisco Flashstack is official

    You probably confused Pure Storage with Nutanix. It was Nutanix, not Pure Storage, that announced "validated design on UCS" without Cisco Support:

    Pure Storage & Cisco UCS flashstack, on the other hands, is official:

  3. dpk

    Because reference architectures for CI are so hot right now.

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