back to article Oz gummint's de-anonymisation crime is as mind-bendingly stupid as we feared

The text of the government's proposed bill outlawing data re-identification looks worse than researchers feared. Apart from the legislation's maximum two-year stretch for anybody that cracks whatever key an agency applies to the data, there's also the points that government agencies are exempted from the bill (giving them what …

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  2. Mark Simon

    Morons … ?

    I’m not sure whether the legislators are all morons or just the ones in control. Alternatively they may be assuming, correctly it appears, that the electorate are all morons and will either ignore or allow this madness.

    1. GrumpyOldBloke

      Re: Morons … ?

      Definitely the electorate. The government is bright enough to give itself exemptions.

      Recent ANU poll 2/3rds support mandatory data retention to combat night terrors. Pity the bill wasn't written that way but is rather an open slather by government thugs on what should be private data. It is very disingenuous of ANU to try and skew the public into the belief that the bill was to created to fight terrorism when a whole grab bag of agencies can access the data and more can be granted at the whim of the AG. But the electorate brought it. 2/3rds support.

    2. Magani

      Re: Morons … ?

      ...the electorate are all morons and will either ignore or allow this madness.

      The electorate will be totally ignorant of this until we get some sort of 'revelation' via The 7:30 Report or the commercial equivalent. There will then be a bout of righteous indignation from Sen. George BrandingIron, and mutterings of Gov't inaction/ineptitude/collusion/etc from Mr. William Shortening.

      After this has blown over, the present situation will prevail.

    3. Mark 65

      Re: Morons … ?

      To answer the OP's question, Brandis is a complete cvnt.

  3. Adam 1

    I guess we can all be thankful that the current mob will accidentally vote against it.

  4. david 12 Silver badge

    Reversal of proof.

    Specifically, if you claim to have been given a specific exemption, it is your responsibility to show that you have been given a specific exemption.

    Presumably, that's because the information about who has specific exemptions is private, and the federal police aren't permitted to access that data.... :~)

  5. FozzyBear
    Black Helicopters

    My paranoia is red lining at the moment. This bill appears to have all the markings of a 1980's east European regime.The sooner Brandis is removed from office the better we'll be.

  6. Myvekk

    When security research is outlawed, only outlaws will have security?

    And the government. They're here to help, after all...

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