back to article Google, Facebook toss cash into LA-to-Hong Kong sub cable corp

Mere months after its first trans-Pacific cable venture lit up, Google has announced it's friended Facebook as part of another cable consortium. The two have joined the consortium building the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN), first announced by Pacific Light Data Communication (PLDC) and TE SubCom in November of 2015 to …

  1. Mikel

    Peer exchange

    I wonder if Google will own a share of the Hong Kong peering center also.

  2. Don Dumb

    Genuine Question

    How does an undersea cable deal with the fact that the ocean floor in question has a tendency to shrink in quite violent steps? (Especially around the Bay Area)

    Similarly how does an Atlantic Cable cope with the seafloor getting wider in the middle?

    1. Soruk

      Re: Genuine Question

      For the Pacific, the longer they delay the installation, the shorter the cable has to be.

      As for the Atlantic, just ensure there is enough slack in the cable, especially at the fault line.

      Mine's the one with the 10,000 mile RS-232 cable in the pocket.

    2. Crazy Operations Guy

      Re: Genuine Question

      The cable isn't laid in a straight line, the cable layers tend to serpentine along the route so that there is sufficient slack to handle any movement of the seafloor. I think the current best practice is to lay 5% more cable than what a straight-shot along the seabed would take. They usually lay additional cable to avoid large undersea obstacles and to compensate for going over smaller obstacles.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Comes with free NSA tap.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    120 Tbps?

    It might be enough to cope with the Win10 patch downloads...

  5. Crazy Operations Guy

    "it will have lower latency than other networks."

    But how many times is my packet going to get intercepted along the way? The US, China, Google, and Facebook; probably the least trustworthy entities possible...

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