back to article Tencent makes first foray into open source

Chinese giant Tencent is dipping a toe into the open-source world, with its own hot-patch system for Android apps. As it notes at its newish GitHub repo, its Tinker hotfix framework “supports dex, library and resources update” without the user having to restart the app. It's targeted at app developers: they add the plugin to …

  1. Anonymous South African Coward Bronze badge


    Got excited too quickly, thought this was a means to upgrading and patching android itself.


    Carry on, doctor.

  2. Domino

    Known Issue: Due to Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement, we can't dynamic update our apk.

    Presumably to 'stop' a clean app morphing into malware?

    I've not looked closely but I think 'without the user having to restart the app' should be 'without having to reinstall the apk' so in other words, taking app updates out of googles and optionally the users control?

    Having an app able to update its running code over the air seems like a very bad idea to me. Probably why it's targeted at developers who hopefully remember to remove it from releases..

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