back to article HPE, IBM, ARM, Samsung and pals in plot to weave 'memory fabric'

A group of suppliers have got together as a consortium to develop Gen-Z - a scalable, high-performance bus or interconnect fabric linking computers and memory. The Gen-Z consortium is an open, non-proprietary, transparent industry standards body. It says it believes open standards provide a level playing field to promote …

  1. TheSolderMonkey

    I like it - more detail needed please.

    Interesting stuff.

    Uses standard PHYs, I assume they mean SERDES,

    Well that means point to point links, and switches rather than the bussed architecture in the slide deck.

    But switches will add latency.

    Multi host.

    So no root complex like PCIe, or connection via non transparent bridges?

    Works with unmodified OS.

    So I'm guessing it doesn't properly support hot plug / unplug then. Because standard OSes don't take kindly to having their memory maps shifting beneath them like sand in the wind.

    I hope that hot plug gets integrated properly. Sounds like a very interesting project. If any of the cooperating partners are looking for a hardware development engineer with 20+ years experience designing storage systems, there's a very good chance that I'll be laid off today and this sounds like an exciting project.

    [/hopeful shot in the dark]

  2. TheSolderMonkey

    Too late to edit.

    There's an FAQ here:

    IEEE 802.3, so it's a protocol over ethernet PHYs.

    Evolution or revolution?

  3. Tomblox

    The bus may well be a photonic one, but doesn't have to be. Just has to be fast.

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