back to article Brandis' boffin-busting de-anonymisation crime legislation has landed

Privacy and data researchers will, later today, get to see what's in the Australian government's proposed bill banning re-identification of anonymised data. The Privacy Amendment (Reidentification Offence) Bill 2016 will be presented to the Senate by attorney-general George Brandis during today's Senate session (PDF) sometime …

  1. MrDamage

    Brandis is a fucking idiot

    I mean, how else can you explain why he rushed through ill-thought-out legislation in response to people poking holes in poorly planned and implemented data retention policies.

  2. Denarius Silver badge

    @Damage, Brandflakes legislation

    Perhaps one more an example of the bureaucratic mindset that thinks bits of paper with marks on them are magic. Are the peasants, citizens and crims not blindly obeying latest clever edicts ? Then put another piece of marked tree carcass in front of the officially assembled glove puppets (mostly), have them bless it with a majority vote and voilà, no more problem. Understanding, thought and discussion with the (shock, horror) technically competent is hard work and for some reason, those people just don't immediately agree with lawyers who know nothing of what they are dealing with and what they do.

    In short, one more clueless PHB showing their contempt for those who actually know something.

  3. Adam 1

    solving the wrong problem

    OK George, you clever boy. You solved the problem so that law abiding citizens can't de-anonymise the data. Job well done.

    Can you now solve the other part? I mean the bit about preventing non law abiding citizens and foreigners who are not subject to our laws from doing the same. Then we can draw a line under it and move on...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does George still have a job?

    Or is misleading Parliament OK under the Libs?

  5. Swarthy

    An old joke

    There is an old joke asking different types of people to secure a building:

    The infantry posts a 24/7 armed guard

    The navy locks the doors & turns off the lights

    SpecOps places charges and levels the building

    The businessman writes up a 5-year lease

    The politician drafts a law that it's illegal to enter the building.

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