back to article Cabinet bare of Apple Watch

Apple Watches have reportedly been banned from UK Cabinet meetings as a result of spying fears. PM Theresa May top ministers have been prohibited from taking Apple Watches into meetings amid concerns that Russian spies might use the devices as a bugging devices, The Telegraph reports. Smartphones have already been banned from …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Samsung watches used to be allowed, before all Samsung products were recently reclassified as incendiary devices.

    1. Harry the Bastard

      awooga! awooga!

      fanboy alert

  2. Admiral Grace Hopper


    Gove's endorsement is the end to any desire that I might have had to sport an Apple Watch. It's like Steve Coogan killing the Ford Probe with his Gareth Cheeseman character.

    1. Captain Scarlet

      Re: Pob

      Gove talking ends any desire for me to listen

  3. NoneSuch Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Snowden's lawyers began putting their phones into a refrigerator clued me in on electronic devices.

    1. Martin Summers

      Nah they were just amateur magicians. Have you never heard of ringing in a cooler?

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