back to article OVH decides to Fauquier the cloud in America

French cloud concern OVH has planted its flag in the United States, choosing Fauquier County, Virginia, as its headquarters and the site of its first data centre in the nation. OVH's site links straight to Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe's announcement of the deal in which he says the US$47 million project will bring 54 jobs …

  1. LesC
    Black Helicopters

    Being a Hubic subscriber hopefully this is for the USA an only and nothing from France is going to be held there????

    Former Army Base specialising in eavesdropping. So the ilink to Maryland is already there.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh great, more places for hackers to hire

    When I do my usual 404 log trawl, there is a large percentage of breach attempts coming from OVH, and not just from France. I'm in half a mind to dig out their full IP range globally and just block it, it may be more efficient than timed out on per-incident basis.

    1. localzuk

      Re: Oh great, more places for hackers to hire

      OVH is compartmentalised and I find all these attacks come from their cheap products such as those through Kimsufi.

    2. calmeilles

      Re: Oh great, more places for hackers to hire

      Just looked at mine, hosted on OVH. 21 in the last 6 days. None from OVH.

      Anecdote or data?

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