back to article Scale scales: HCI maverick heads upstack with apps

Hyper-converger Scale Computing is adding business applications to its offerings with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and business analytics available to its small and medium business customers. Workspot is supplying the VDI software, which it says is straightforward to use. Jason Collier, a co-founder at Scale Computing …

  1. GrumpyOF

    “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

    Had a colleague who was not particularly nautical. He moored the craft he had borrowed extremely securely to the jetty to ensure it did not slip away down into the estuary. Spring tide that evening saw the boat not rising with the tide and consequently it sank.

    So Mr Collier's quote “A rising tide lifts all boats.” perhaps needs some correction to add in flexibility to react to unusual and changing circumstances (to avoid situations that NetApp seems to have got itself into..albeit not sinking so dramatically)

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