back to article Lenovo exec: Nope, not building Windows Phones

Lenovo will not build smartmobes running on Microsoft’s Windows operating system because it doubts the software giant’s long term commitment to the market. This is the view from Lenovo’s chief operations officer Gianfranco Lanci, who told attendees at the Canalys Channel Forum 2016 that Windows 10 was generating interest in …

  1. AMBxx Silver badge


    I like my Windows Phone, but it's hard to disagree with his comments.

    Sadly, it's a choice of Apple or Android in the future.

    1. LDS Silver badge

      Nadella did his best to destroy any confidence...

      How Microsoft could believe someone else will bet on Windows Phone when they themselves just threw away billion of dollars and all the expertise of Nokia (competitors say thank you) is a mystery to everybody but Nadella himself and some of his minions. Continuum and UWP are also doomed if nobody cares about Windows Phone.

      1. nkuk

        Re: Nadella did his best to destroy any confidence...

        Continuum and UWP were already doomed even without Windows Phone failing. Continuum is a daft solution in search of a problem that virtually nobody has. Computing devices are so cheap and prevalent, and internet access so ubiquitous, that porting around one "all-your-eggs-in-one-basket" device that isn't even a jack of all trades master of none is doomed right from the start.

        UWP has no developer support, x32/64 is much more developer-friendly. I don't know how MS thinks developers will switch to UWP when it has limitations and MS take a cut of your profits. Without the apps UWP, just like Windows Phone, will and has, failed.

    2. MJI Silver badge

      Well I liked...........

      Symbian phones

      X6 was good, N8 after I found I could hide the social sh1te.

      1. Solmyr ibn Wali Barad

        Re: Well I liked...........

        N9 is still doing well and writing Reg comments for me. <grin>

        Wouldn't dare to hope it'd outlast the Lumia family with vengeance, but this little gem certainly does not deserve to be forgotten.

    3. Mr.Bill

      Re: Optional

      its a WAY better situation with choice of two equally competitive platforms in smartphones vs decades of windows PC 95% domination - being basically the only option (with windows phone the option equating to mac or desktop linux). I am not sure how in heck someone cannot find a great option between the myraid android based (yes, some with direct updates, windows phone would do no better) or iPhones, and why they see windows phone as some sort of better option - the "good guys" or something.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    44.39 million on Apple’s software

    Really? I thought there were a lot more out there than that. Same for Android...

    1. Updraft102

      Re: 44.39 million on Apple’s software

      Has to be just in the US or something like that. We keep hearing about how smartphones are replacing the PC, but 225 million PCs were sold during the year MS was offering the free upgrade to Windows 10. At that rate, PCs would be burying phones (if only it were true).

  3. Lotaresco

    But how could they remain unconvinced?

    After all Steve Ballmer jumped and prance daround like a crazy thing emphasising how much Microsoft were committed to Windows Phone and he was, like, totally trustworthy. Well that was how he portrayed himself and Windows Phone back in 2010. More recently it has been a different story more like "oops I screwed the pooch".

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hardly surprising.

    A VERY large German company just ditched all their Windows Mobile company phones. The users hated them, and Microsoft showed no interest in the platform going forward.

    Users now happy with decent Androids and iPhones.

  5. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    Microsoft & Nokia

    How on Earth could Microsoft spend £4.6 Billion buying Nokia, and then in the space of a few years throw the whole thing out with the trash?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Microsoft & Nokia

      "How on Earth could Microsoft spend £4.6 Billion buying Nokia, and then in the space of a few years throw the whole thing out with the trash?"

      Seems to be a skill they've almost perfected

      1. BebopWeBop

        Re: Microsoft & Nokia

        Well the company formally known as Hewlett Packard has done a fine job of flushing shareholders money down the khaki (while managing to maintain executives pay and bonuses) - possibly a better job than Microsoft.

        1. Bronek Kozicki

          Re: Microsoft & Nokia

          I think this is likely linked to C-level executives making decisions they are not qualified to make.

    2. Avatar of They

      Re: Microsoft & Nokia

      I can only assume they went for the patents.

      Or it was a plan ballmer had but never saw through because he was replaced.

      1. Chemist

        Re: Microsoft & Nokia

        "I can only assume they went for the patents."

        AFAIK Nokia retained the patents.

    3. Daniel B.

      Re: Microsoft & Nokia

      How on Earth could Microsoft spend £4.6 Billion buying Nokia, and then in the space of a few years throw the whole thing out with the trash?

      It was already in the trash, Microsoft was the only entity that thought otherwise. It was telling that Nokia was still #1 in the smartphone market before the Burning Platforms memo. If anything, the whole Elop/Nokia brouhaha just proved what everyone already knew: Microsoft has no place in the mobile OS market.

    4. Mikel

      Re: Microsoft & Nokia

      As I have said many times before, beating Nokia was unfinished business for Bill Gates that Steve Ballmer put excessive priority on. The shameful way he did it undid him and did immeasurable harm to both companies, consumers, technology in general, the nation of Finland and countless people invested in Nokia for their retirements. It was disgraceful. That noone went to prison in Finland for this economic sabotage is remarkable.

      Nadella's carefully cleaning up the mess he inherited. In time most people will forget about this epic, as they have so many others. Nokia has begun to recover, and will be introducing Android devices shortly.

      Windows Phone? A misconception that failed to thrive, and nearly killed its mother as well. Soon to fade from memory.

    5. ben_myers

      Re: Microsoft & Nokia

      Stupidity? Seems to prevail when a company drinks its own Kool-Aid. Nobody at Microsoft has ever turned down a glass of its Kool-Aid.

  6. adam payne

    Without big business buy into Windows Phones the platform will continue to be thought of as a consumer class phones and not an enterprise class phones.

    We had them about a year before giving up switching to Android. So many issues with WiFi, emails, screens dying, microphones dying, batteries dying etc etc.

  7. Curiosity

    Win Phone - it could have worked

    As an average consumer I liked my Win Phones. Viewed them as more secure. Lack of apps could be overlooked. Problem for me was ergonomics. 1. Settings-menu-fonts too small to read. 2. Qwerty keyboard to hard to use. It could have been very easy to fix both of these, using comments or suggestions from users. But if I can't type on my phone or read its screen, what am I to do? Sent them comments but it fell on deaf ears.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Win Phone - it could have worked

      Damn you Curiosity, you killed my CAT5! =-D

    2. Jess

      Re: Win Phone - Lack of apps could be overlooked.

      But then surely you have a feature phone which needs charging more often?

  8. 0laf

    Way ahead of you Lenovo

    I really liked my WinPho, but when it got unreliable and I got pissed off with it being incompatible with everything it had to go. Now have an iPhone SE.

    I still think the WinPho 8.1 was the better device with a far superior interface much better suited to blunt man fingers.

    Now advising the business to move way from Winpho as well since MS cannot be relied upon to produce a platform which will be around for any length of time.

    Plus the recent patching changes just seem designed to piss everyone off. It's seriously like MS is just fucking with us, like the guy that hates his girlfriend but is too cowardlyto break up with her. If you don't want customers MS just say, save us all a load of bother.

  9. mo_roodi

    Windows 10 Mobile sort of broke things

    I've used a Nokia Windows Phone for about 2 years now, and when I first got the phone (switching from Android) I was really impressed with how well the software ran on such comparatively slower hardware. Windows Phone 8.1 worked really well. Most things "just worked" and you could even overlook the lack of apps because usually some enterprising developer had you covered (or the mobile version of the website ended up pinned to my home screen).

    Then Windows 10 Mobile came along. Now my Nokia "sort of" works. Everything sort of behaves as it should. I use Windows 10 on my laptop and I really like Windows 10... And personally I believe UWP has legs (although it's yet to find them). And the 1 developer platform to rule them all is a very good idea (so much so that Google and Apple are both attempting the same). But Windows 10 Mobile needs a little more thought and attention.

    I think if Microsoft spent a little time and effort tidying up Windows 10 Mobile, and instead of making a lot of phones create a single "surface phone" that can truly prove the merits of the platform (they've already done that with the surface tablet and surface book) and really stop comparing themselves to Apple and Google (or stop trying to BE Apple or Google) then they could have a really promising platform. Of course that's not going to happen because there's hardly any money to be made in the mobile space for MS.

    Microsoft has always been about the software. That's where they made their name, and that's pretty much where their revenue is going to keep coming from. Buying Nokia was a bad move on their part because they're a software company... I think SatNad's ideas of re-focusing MS on software rather than messing around with hardware (with the exception of the surface line) is a good one. And I think they're on the right lines at the moment to try and make Windows the "go to" developer platform - Look at their approach, the idea is it doesn't matter what you're deploying to, you can develop on Windows...

    And they should keep Windows 10 Mobile going of course because there's still opportunities out there for it. It certainly could become the new BlackBerry...

    1. Loud Speaker

      Re: Windows 10 Mobile sort of broke things

      Microsoft has always been about the software. That's where they made their name,

      No. They made their name and fame through skulduggery and crookery - and buyouts: mostly to the detriment of previous users, employees and shareholders.

  10. Shaha Alam

    "Lenovo has contacted the Reg to say that it has no comment.."

    'hello? yes, it's Micky Tightlips. From Lenovo. i aint sayin nuffink.'

    1. ben_myers

      A no comment comment

      Lanci already commented. Why comment further?

  11. Bob Dole (tm)
    Thumb Up


    Now, if we can convince Lenovo to stop making laptops I'll consider it #opsuccess.

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