back to article Sophos to drop Quadsys after Five Avoid Jail

Sophos has finally “discontinued” its relationship with security reseller Quadsys after five of its staffers, three of whom were directors of the company, were sentenced for offences committed under the Computer Misuse Act last Friday. The Quadsys Five were first charged in August 2015, but while some vendors were quick to …

  1. analyzer

    A little odd

    At first I thought good for Sophos, innocent unless proven guilty.

    I then read on and reached the bit about them having entered a guilty plea and thought WTF were they thinking not cutting the cord then?

    Then I put the MBA hat on, you know the large cone one with a big D on it, and thought we can keep support costs down if we leave it until the last possible second and screw any customer concerns.

    Then it no longer seemed odd.

  2. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    Re: Enid Blyton

    Nah, if this was an Enid Blyton story there would have been two possible plot lines:

    1. All 5 of them are really dodgy ragamuffin foreigners working in England under false identities.

    2. All 5 of them are innocent, naive and a bit dim chaps that have been lured into indecent behaviour by some dodgy ragamuffin foreigners working in England under false identities.

    1. Lars Silver badge

      Re: Enid Blyton

      You forgot the pimples, note to parents, I you feel you have to give "kid books" to your kids, first read them, then decide if to burn them or not. Not kidding.

  3. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    Sophos have done the right thing in terminating the relationship

    Presumably there is something in the contract to indicate how ongoing commitments between the two companies should be settled in this particular event.

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