back to article Nutanix, yesssss: Fist-pumping breaks out everywhere storage IPO wannabes are found

There’ll be a spring in the executive offices of Cohesity, Rubrik, Tegile and other storage startups this morning; senior managers will have checked Nutanix’s share price and have that rosy glow that comes when your prospects have suddenly brightened. Hyper-converged market leader Nutanix IPO’d on Friday and, so far, it has …

  1. Rob Isrob

    I'll have what he's having

    Apologies to Meg Ryan

  2. bobajob12

    It's good, but not that good

    I wish Nutanix well, but bankers who price an IPO at $16/share and find that the market puts them at $37 should have some serious explaining to do to the Board.

    Think about what an IPO is supposed to do. You sell stock on the open market and in exchange for a tiny sliver of your company, you raise money to (hopefully) put back into the business, so that you can do even more and better things. So every share sold at a price below $37 represents money that Nutanix left on the table. If Nutanix offered ten million shares that's an average of $270 million dollars left on the table. That's greater than their entire revenue for fiscal 2015!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kerching.. I can here the sound of sales pimp rushing to the Porsche showroom....

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