back to article Nutanix slam dunks IPO

Hyper-converged tech upstart Nutanix debuted on the Nasdaq on Friday as NTNX – as expected – opening the day at $26 and closing at $37. That's up 131.25 per cent on its initial offer of $16. The biz, based in San Jose, California, had priced its stock at $11 to $13, but upped that last night just ahead of its initial public …

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    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It won't let me short.....

      You have to wait a few days for options to be a thing for a stock.

      I'm sure they timed the exit to Q3 results being strong (So they can ride some excitement). Q4/Q1 results will be the make or break windows to time your puts/calls against.

  2. well meaning but ultimately self defeating


    Bankers underprice IPO meaning lot of money left on the table.

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