back to article D-Wave doubles qubit count

Quantum computer company D-Wave systems has announced a new processor using 2000 qubits, double its previous qubit count. The company says it's also added new features to the machine so that it can: Tune the rate of annealing of individual qubits to enhance application performance; Sample the state of the quantum computer …

  1. Tom 64
    IT Angle

    Shouldn't that headline read:

    'D-Wave doubles the size of its fraud' ?

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: Shouldn't that headline read:

      Let's just say it's a Heisenfraud.

      It may or may not be a fraud, and if you observe it, it collapses into distinct opinions.

      I think there has been some analysis that shows that quantum effects are indeed being used at the D-Wave Device, although not as much as the hype would suggest.

      D-Wave reckons those new features and the new processor mean its next machine goes 1,000 times faster than its old kit.

      How come a larger state space makes it anneal three orders of magnitude faster? This is a statement out of a Gundam anime.

  2. Calimero

    Quantum comparison

    How "Quantum" is the D-Wave Machine?

    Seung Woo Shin, Graeme Smith, John A. Smolin, Umesh Vazirani

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