back to article Avast closes AVG buyout

Avast has closed the acquisition of one-time free-of-charge security scanner rival AVG Technologies. The combined entity boasted more than $700m in revenue for 2016 and 400 million customers, with significant mobile and SMB market share. Vince Steckler has been named the chief executive officer of the new Avast, with AVG’s …

  1. David Gosnell

    News to me, but not that surprising

    News to me, but not that surprising. I was forever getting the two of them confused before remembering Avast was the better one, least likely to download dodgy content without asking as part of its browser plug-in.

    1. Obitim

      Re: News to me, but not that surprising

      Till it puts in some extra modules you didn't ask for or need...

    2. Swarthy
      Thumb Up

      Re: News to me, but not that surprising

      Ah, thank you, I keep getting them confused as well. I cannot keep straight which one is the bloated, useless, and obnoxious AV and which is the "meh" but quiet one.

      Probably because the quiet one is the one who's name is an exclamation.

  2. phillupson

    So now Avast will ultimately be responsible for murdering the exchange transport service, good to know.

  3. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

    curious to see

    if they will start dumbing down (or even eliminating) the free version, now that there are fewer choices.

  4. Steve 114

    Used to recommend one or the other to everyone (AVG less, latterly). Now they've dropped of the map. Bright folk can repurpose - good luck with that.

  5. King Jack

    Now they are one, Avast! will begin slurping your data like AVG does. Time to look at another offering if that happens.

    1. Captain Scarlet

      Does that mean you don't use ANY search engine, block El Reg's adverts (YOU MONSTER!), steal your neighbours internet and use a Nokia 3310 (Ok maybe that should have been some bean cans tied with string)?

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