back to article Why XPoint SSDs won't meet original speed claims: A guide

Objective Analysis analyst Jim Handy has come up with a theory which he claims explains why Intel and Micron’s 3d XPoint memory will not meet its original performance claims. As Intel marketing droids have said, there is a difference between raw media access latency and SSD product access latency. Handy takes a (heh heh) handy …

  1. Mephistro
    Thumb Up

    Nice article, Mr. Mellor!

  2. Tim Roberts 1

    "The horizontal access ...."

    Last time I taught this stuff it was called an axis.... Oh well I must be getting old or not keeping up with new terminology (or both)

    1. btrower

      Re: "The horizontal access ...."

      That was a bit jarring. It is like this was dictated and lost something or ... whatever. Glad someone mentioned it.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "The horizontal access ...."

      Been a few days since I got some horizontal access :p

      1. Ian Michael Gumby

        @AC ... Re: "The horizontal access ...."

        I'm sorry to hear that... you do realize that there's an app for that. ;-)

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "We stand by the performance figures..."

    No problem, bro. We'll check them when the hardware become available.

    Then we'll see exactly where you stand.

    Now, as far as I'm concerned, even if the actual performance is only divided by five, I'm not going to complain. Technology is a complex thing, and this is just about as close to rocket science as you can get without working for NASA or SpaceX, so I'm willing to cut them some slack if the figures aren't exactly what they said they would be.

    Hell, four times faster instead of five would still be a win in my book.

  4. luis river

    failed promises

    All Intel marketing, all words, failed promises, equal to Memristor by Hewlett Packard E. All wapourware.

    1. Ian Michael Gumby

      Re: failed promises

      Uhm you do realize that the memresistor was theorized back in the late 60's right?

      I agree and hate the hype cycle as much as everyone else, however all I want is a component that I can touch and eventually buy.

      Xpoint in a DIMM package would be disruptive technology.

      When this technology hits, you'll see changes to how PCs and servers are designed. The impact on the PC thru to the data center in terms of design will be changed.

  5. Gene Cash Silver badge

    You know it's bogus when Intel isn't going to comment or otherwise defend their numbers.

  6. Putrid Polecat

    10x improvement, collective whining

    Entitled techies cry bitter tears over massive but less than expected improvement in storage speed.

  7. Joerg

    All this campaign against Intel/Micron 3D XPoint... who is really behind it?

    Competitors must be seriously worried for funding such bashing campaigns...

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